5 steps to start an online freelancing business with almost nothing


Before plunging on steps, let’s learn more about the freelancing business. If you are a newbie and want to learn about freelancing, you land on the right page. This blog will be constructive for you to enhance your knowledge and will make it easier for you to start your own freelancing business from home. 

What is freelancing?

Freelancing is part-time work that does not necessitate a university degree. They are not employed by anyone company; instead, they work on multiple projects for various clients at the same time. Sounds interesting. Doesn’t it? 

Freelancers are not required to work from a specific location and can work from anywhere at any time. However, when working as a freelancer, one must have to manage multiple task priorities, time, and workload and pay taxes.

As a freelancer, you can work in any field, such as writing, editing, consulting, marketing, design, ICT, virtual administration, social media management, and so on. Freelancers are often experts in their fields and work on their own. They can, however, also work in person. All you need for your business is a desktop or laptop, as well as a reliable internet connection.

Don’t know where to start and how to get clients?

Here are 5 to start your freelancing business from scratch:

Identify your skills: 

If you are a newbie in the freelancing market, you should identify your interests as well as your ability to work. Now and then, a question arises, such as “How do I know what my skills are?”

Ask your friends what your best and worst qualities are. You can count on them, to be honest. However, the benefit of asking a few trusted friends about your qualities is that they usually all say the same thing. It’s enlightening to hear that different people see you in the same light, and this is a sure sign of talent.

Write in a journal every morning, let your thoughts flow onto a few pages and then walk away from them for the rest of the day. Stream of consciousness writing can be a powerful tool for identifying your strengths. Return in a week and re-read your pages. You’ll notice that many of your thoughts will return to the same central idea. This is usually a skill or a desire.

Develop your skills

After identifying your skills, now it’s time to delve deeper into it. “One of the keys to success in a fast-paced, competitive world is the ability to learn new skills.” It is not enough to be intelligent. We need to constantly look for a chance to stretch ourselves in ways that may not always feel comfortable at first. Nowadays, there are lots of online opportunities available. Free learning channels and pages are available on youtube, Instagram or Join Facebook groups; there is a number of helping hands available. Udemy and Coursera are a platform that allows instructors to build online courses on their preferred topics.

Start working for free.  

First, start working for your existing networks like family, friends or college alumni. And do not forget to ask for their feedback, it will help you to improve your skills. This will be constructive for you to improve your confidence and work more effortlessly. If they like you and are more likely to hire you, now you can think about getting a job. Begin developing your resume and portfolio, making it easier to establish your reputation. 

Register on freelance site

Freelancing sites are places where you can earn money for yourself rather than for a particular company. It enables freelancers to search for a wide range of jobs. If you are a beginner, freelancing sites are easier to earn money online. Register your name on a freelancing site as you have already improved your skills. It is easy to use. I would recommend you to be perfectly honest with people on what your skills are at the time. Increase the price as you gain experience, and your reviews will help you demand those prices.

Build your brand  

Now is the time to establish an online presence if you want to receive more clients for your work. You have to start building a personal brand to generate leads. 

Take help from existing platforms such as LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook etc. Post content that shows that you are professional in your domain. Build your blog and website and show your work. Try to be more creative and clever to attract your target clients. You can get started on that by getting your Web hosting and domain name so you can make a site with a free tool such as WordPress, Magento, Shopify etc. Expand out into a new business for yourself. Instead of taking customers, do the skill you learned for yourself in your project. You can scale freelancing gigs high by increasing the price. Instead of having 100 clients paying $5, you can have 5 clients paying $100. That way, you can handle more jobs and get paid more

You can also do freelancing and earn more while you have a full-time job. Everyone should be able to find an hour or two before or after work to devote to their freelance work. Before you know it, you may have a more extra income stream or something that you can totally replace your 9-5 with.

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