6 Of The Most Romantic Spots In Kolkata So You Don’t Disappoint Your Date

Romantic Spots

Kolkata is one of India’s most well-known cities and because of that the city has earned the title ‘city of joy’. The soulful embodiment of culture, love, mystery, respect, enthusiasm, and definitely some amazing sweet delicacies makes Kolkata a romantic spots. Rabindranath Tagore is a well-known poet of Kolkata whose poetry is still used by lovers to impress their significant partners. Unending Love, Let Me Not Forget, The Gardener – 40, I Cast My Net Into The Sea, and Thou Art the Sky are some of his most well-known poetry. 

How to ask your partner on a romantic date?

Do you have a romantic relationship? Are you interested in going on a date with them? However, the first thought that comes to mind is nail-biting because asking someone out for a date is nerve-wracking. No matter how assertive you are there is always a risk of experiencing rejection. Well facing rejection is also a good thing because it is not a final battle you’re encountering with. But you need to be confident, bold, and direct while asking someone out. Let me share some tips so you can score your date.    

Rather than trying to be someone else, try to be yourself.

I know it sounds fatuous but a lot of people out there trying to be someone else. They make an effort to appear intelligent in front of their partners. These people are actually terrified of being rejected by someone they care about. But how can you tell if your partner likes you or not if you don’t express yourself? I am sure your partner will love your refreshing candor and honesty. 

Be careful if you’re asking someone over social platforms.  

 If you’re asking someone over text then pay attention to their reactions. See whether your partner is directly saying yes or not. If they are engrossed they’ll ask you to reschedule the plan so they can make out some other day with you. 

If they’re not into you they’ll ignore you or will say they’re busy and couldn’t make time for you. 

Asking in real life goes with baby talks. 

Begin a small talk with your partner because asking someone in real life has its own set of guidelines. Observe their actions and responses to see if they are in a good or bad mood. Start observing their body language and the vibes they give off. Keep an eye on what they’re doing and are they interested in you or not. 

If you ask your partner and they said no, accept it. 

If you’ve asked your spouse out on a date and they’ve declined, accept it and don’t try to persuade them otherwise. It has the potential to have a negative impact on your relationship. If they accept it, though, you should be pleased.

You made it happen. Now the second thing appears, which may cause you anxiety again. Your lover will like that place or not? If the location is dull, this affects your impression of your spouse, and he or she may also judge you. There are a lot of questions that can plunge on you. Relax, we’re here to help you out.  

Most Romantic Spots In Kolkatacan appropriately make your partner happy. If you’re with your sweetheart, there’s something about romantic locales that can completely change your mood. Did you start planning for your date? Or you’re still waiting for the Romantic Place In Kolkata, well your wait is over let’s get on to it.  

The Most Romantic Spots In Kolkata:


Are you looking for elegant and fairytale-like restaurants that can be the most romantic places in Kolkata? Your wait is over, Marbella is one such romantic place and Instagram-worthy cafe in terms of everything like interior design, and yummilicious food and you can also expect a cozy corner. It is located near the Gariahat, from Gariahat it is at walking distance of 4-5 mins. Thank me later if your partner loves the Place you visit in Kolkata.


Most Romantic Spots In Kolkata, if you’re looking for a place that can calm your stress on a date. Then LMNOQ is the one that is capable of doing so because it is located in heart of Kolkata with a swanky rooftop. The ambiance is really nice and elegant, so your date will adore it. This is a rooftop lounge bar on Park Street Place you visit in Kolkata.

The Blue Poppy:

If you and your date are both genuine foodies, most romantic places in Kolkata you might already be aware of this. The place you visit in Kolkata is the Blue Poppy. It is home to the best momos in the city, serving the best Thakali cuisine if you haven’t visited yet. That isn’t just my opinion; it is back up by the numerous honors the establishment has garnered.

Raj’s Spanish Cafe:

Places you visit in Kolkata you wouldn’t think would make the cut for a date night, but hear me out. Raj’s Spanish Cafe which anyone can fall in love with the rustic appeal and the smells of a brick oven (with the place, not the person) is the most romantic place in Kolkata. Plus, right next door is an antique store where you may get your date some unique jewelry or a homemade diary. 

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