8 Unique Business Ideas with Low-Investments

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Starting your own business and company or start-up is an important dream for many, but selecting and coming up with unique business ideas to set yourself apart from the crowd is one of the significant challenges one has to endure.  It’s important to pick a business with a high demand for products or services. Even if you’re a beginner and choose a unique product or service that no other companies are offering, with small business ideas, it may be straightforward to make a stronghold in the market.  That’s why starting with unique business ideas always sets you apart from the competitors, makes an easy and strong position in the market, and gives you a substantial competitive advantage. If you’re also planning to start a unique business without getting ideas, don’t worry!

In this article, we’ve listed the Top 8 Unique business ideas With Low investment that you can start and build a strong business.

Without any further delay, Let’s begin!

Here’s the list of 8 Unique Business Ideas with Low Investment:

1. Food truck business

Food trucks are one of the unique business ideas that have the advantage of mobility and are evolving restaurant space, enabling owners to access multiple locations at minimum initial cost and capital compared to a stationary restaurant. One must start with a food truck business plan by selecting various options as:

Selecting the proper food truck:

 based on your wide range of food offerings, you must choose a truck of at least 19 feet in length which may cost about ₹ 8 lacs.

Choosing and installing the correct kitchen equipment: 

kitchen pieces of equipment need to be installed in the truck, including refrigerators, freezers, blenders, juicers, microwave ovens, grills, cookers, steamers, burners, generators, large batteries, exhaust system which makes a total of around ₹ 3lacs approximately.

Select a good location:

 one should choose a busy location with regular traffic of young students and professionals and proper parking spaces abiding by local traffic rules.

Get proper licenses and permits:

 FSSAI mobile shop license, fire certificate, shop and business license, and kitchen insurance are some of the permissions required.

Install the right software: 

installing POS sale software programs makes easy, secure, and safe maintenance of the stocks and sales.

2. Social media influencer

One of the best unique business ideas home-based is the social media influencer business. It is an online business with minimal cost to start up as it just requires a computer, an internet connection, and a smartphone or camera. The marketers play a significant role and backbone here by making payments and followers by paying the influencers for posting their products and services on their social media handles such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and other platforms. Social media influencers charge for one-time posts or multiple loner campaign posts from the marketers or charge commissions on each lead engagement.

3. Virtual interior designer

It is one of the trending online unique business ideas that provides a piece of professional and expert design advice. It is a fast and easy process and is affordable, thus attracting customers worldwide. The initial cost of starting up will be minimal for experienced experts in this field. They already have all software and gears, but for beginners, it may be costly initially to install and purchase software, gears, and upgrade computers using Zoom and other cloud storage. Approximate costs may vary from 20,000 to 1lacs. Some of the steps are:

  • Coming up with an effective virtual interior designing plan.
  • Tax registration of the business.
  • Setting up the business for proper accounting.
  • Apply for a license and other required permits.
  • Build a strong, exciting, and persuasive website to attract customers.
  • Build a strong brand.
  • Set up efficient customer connectivity with phone numbers, emails, WhatsApp, and other easy communication ways.

4. Selling travel guide

Another unique business idea that comes with a meager investment is selling travel guides. Suppose one has a passion for traveling or is a travel blogger. In that case, they can quickly write down their experiences and guide them to travel to those particular destinations and sell them online for posting them on various platforms. The itinerary should be straightforward, lucid language for everyone to understand quickly and provide sufficient information as the travel guide. The writer gets almost 70% of the affiliate and sales with such small business ideas.

5. Life coach

The life coaching business involves meager investments and is a unique business idea. Life coaches help people make the improvements and changes in their lives they wanted but could not pursue within the aspects of career, relationships, health, and other parts of life. They meet and talk to the clients, listen to them carefully, assess and analyze their issues and problems, and properly guide them by setting up motivational goals and objectives to help them decide on their personal and professional lives.

6. Remote virtual assistant for other businesses

Another unique business idea with low investment are being a virtual assistant for other companies. They have contracted workers who can provide a wide range of services like accounting, marketing, content marketing, and even managing personal tasks like scheduling daily work and planning trips.

7. Virtual teacher and sell online course membership

The most trending small business idea and another low investment and unique business ideas is being a virtual teacher and selling various courses on different subjects and membership. One can sell tickets to live streaming sessions, access recorded lessons, and even sell educational relevant products in the various online stores. With more schools, colleges, and universities focusing more on online courses, this niche industry is fast growing. It offers tons of possibilities and provides a wide range of online classes like cooking, music, video editing, management, etc.

It is perfect for beginners looking for small business ideas with low investment and establishing themselves. One can also provide a hands-off approach with open books and tests for self-study courses.

8. Affiliate marketing business

Affiliate marketing is one of the most trending small business ideas and low investment small business ideas. One can utilize their strong social media presence to promote various products and services of multiple companies using their affiliate links. Commissions are earned from each lead engagement and sales. This is a business idea with a meager investment as one can start with just a smartphone with an internet connection.


Starting up with your own business is always very challenging and truly rewarding if one can handle and manage the initial challenges. Some of the initial significant challenges of starting an own business can be minimized by selecting a unique business idea, whether online or home-based or offline. Generally, people lack unique small business ideas for start-ups. We hope this article helps you find some unique small business ideas, and surely you’ll end up choosing the best one. Drop your comment and let me know which business idea you like the most.

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