8+Best Keyword Research Tools For SEO: 2021 Edition

Best Keyword Research Tools

Keyword Research Tools For SEO

Keyword Research Tools For SEO is a vital process for gaining traffic to a website and is very helpful to write customer-friendly content as you know what your target audience is searching for. It is a part of SEO and can become complex and tricky if you are new to SEO or search engine optimization. There are many keyword searching tools to tackle this problem, and here are some of the trendy Keyword search tools. 


It is not a tool but a package of tools helpful for SEO. It is the most expensive and famous SEO tool, and as keyword searching is an integral part of SEO, its keyword searching feature is handy. You can type a keyword into the Keyword Overview tool to receive a complete picture of all you need to know.

This includes information such as how many people search for the phrase every month (monthly search volume) if the keyword is becoming more popular or less famous (the Trend), and much more.  Almost every SEO expert knows about SEMrush. 


Another popular keyword research tool that is similar to SEMrush is Ahrefs. You may generate keyword suggestions using Ahrefs’ keyword explorer by simply inserting a keyword into the search box. After that, you’ll get a long list of keyword possibilities. Ahrefs also see new keywords and keyword moves in search queries, a useful competitive intelligence feature.

SEMrush and Ahrefs both include a slew of additional valuable features, such as reports that discover broken links on your site, PPC keywords for Google Adwords, and more.

Answer The Public 

AnswerThePublic works quite differently from the other keyword planner tools. They present keywords in a suitable looking visual format, and nevertheless, the keywords can also be seen in a list, or you can download a .csv file of results.

This is an excellent tool to try if you’re just getting started with SEO and keyword research because you don’t even need to establish an account to use it. Insert your keyword into the search box. 

AnswerThePublic’s keyword results are pretty based on the auto-suggest / autocomplete features of Binge and Google. You can use any of these keywords to conduct a Google search, opening in a new tab.

Google keyword planner 

One of the most widely utilized and popular keyword research tools is Google Keyword Planner.

Its popularity stems solely from the fact that it is accessible and immediately connected with Google AdWords.

You must first have an AdWords account (which you can create for free) to use this tool. 

The Keyword Planner tool’s most notable feature is the extensive information on Google (the largest search engine).

That seems to be, in some ways, a limitation. You won’t find information about how your site or a particular term performs on other search engines here.

Long-tail pro

This is a paid keyword research tool that will assist you in discovering fantastic keywords for your niche/micro-niche websites. You can obtain an excellent and intense keyword analysis feature with their “platinum” edition. They also provide an excellent keyword competition checker, which is very useful and can help you select the best keyword according to your need. 

Keyword surfers 

Surfer SEO’s Keyword Surfer is a Google Chrome extension distinct from the entire SEO suite and provides a free version of the platform.

After you’ve downloaded and enabled the extension, go to Google and search for your phrase as you usually would—as you write, you’ll see predicted search volume and CPC data populate in the search box.

Spy Fu

SpyFu is a tool that allows you to learn from your competition by researching their most successful keywords (and their ads too).

You may test it out without logging up for free. Just type the URL of the site you will search or want to visit into the search bar, and the results will appear very quickly. You’ll need to register a free account and log in if you want to look at more than one site.

SpyFu gathers historical data so you may examine how your own or a competitor’s website has gained or declined in the ranks for specific keywords. The website comparison is also possible here. This can be done with your website to other websites in your field. Here’s a comparison of Moz’s website to some other sites that deal with similar issues.

KW finder 

KWFinder is your best bet if you’re looking for a single tool that’s solely dedicated to keyword research. Though they are new to the market, they are one of the most rapidly developing SEO tool companies.

KWFinder helps you in finding the keyword that will be helpful for you in gaining highly targeted users. You can smoothly uncover the long-tail keywords connected to problem-solving by using the Questions-based Keyword Research tool. Problem-solving content drives more focused traffic and conversions.


Ubersuggest is a free tool by Neil Patel that provides:

  • Data on search traffic.
  • Keyword recommendations.
  • An estimate of how difficult it will be to rank for your keyword (keyword difficulty).

You may see a table of the top 100 Google results for that term, with projected visitors, number of backlinks, a domain score, and the total amount of social shares, in addition to viewing a lot of ideas for comparable keywords.

You’ll be able to obtain more keyword ideas, daily rank tracking, and tailored SEO suggestions if you join into Ubersuggest with your Google account. UberSuggest also has a Chrome extension that can assist you in streamlining your process.


The SEO platform from Moz includes several keyword research tools. We consider this a benefit because Moz doesn’t include as many data points as other full-featured SEO tools (such as SERP position history or the total number of keywords a competitor result ranks for). For individuals who aren’t skilled search marketers, it makes for a less intimidating user experience.

 The Keyword Planner tool can be used quickly and smoothly to look up any keyword and gather or seek relevant information on its monthly volume, difficulty, and organic clickthrough rate (CTR). From there, please scroll down to get an analysis of the current results ranking for it and ideas for related keywords.

Here’s one of our favorites: Moz features a “Priority” score that streamlines keyword research by determining whether a keyword is worthwhile for you to pursue. Moz generates the score based on the term’s volume, organic CTR, and difficulty, and your “My Score”—a statistic you choose to indicate how important a keyword is to your companKeywordword planning and searching is a critical aspect of the SEO world nowadays. Whether you are a blogger or any writing adheres to you. To gain traffic, you need to add relevant keywords to your piece. Keyword planner tools are handy to provide customized helps according to your need. You may try any one of them as per your need. 

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