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Towards technological advancement….

Today we are seen as asocial media company, but in our DNA we are a company that constructs technology to connect people, and the metaverse is the next frontier just like social networking was when we got started.” 

Above written lines were said by the CEO and founder of Facebook, which is going to be known by another name shortly. Altering is a universal law; everything changes so do the names of brands like Facebook. It is good or bad depending on time, and it would come to you once the name change takes place. Here we are discussing the new name and its meaning with a little back story. It seems that the founder and CEO of Facebook want to bring a huge change in the prospect of the people about the technology. As it is clear from the above statement, he is seeking new definitions for the company. Yes, it is a company and no more a social media site only as in the words of Mark Zuckerberg himself. 

What is the new name of Facebook? People can be seen asking the same question nowadays here and there. Facebook’s new name would be very philosophical. 

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, announced on Thursday that his company will now be known as Meta or Meta Platforms. The new platform unifies apps and technologies under a single corporate identity. But don’t worry, if you’re a Facebook user, nothing will change for you. Instagram and WhatsApp users are in the same boat. The names of the websites and apps they use will remain the same.

Meaning of Meta 

In the words of Mark Zuckerberg, who Tempted by classicism, the term ‘Meta’ means ‘Beyond,’ and it is of Greek Origin. When studied further intensely then it is found that there is the word Metaphysics coined by Dr. Samuel Jonson, a British writer, and critic of 18the century. He coined this term for the group of poets. Among them, the great John Donne was prominent. Metaphysics means something beyond physical existence. 

Three decades ago, the term metaverse appeared in a dystopian novel. It refers to the concept of a shared virtual environment that can accessed via various devices. Now, this will be the new name of Facebook. Do you like it or not? 

Impact on other Facebook-owned apps. 

Well, some of you may be thinking about the impact on Instagram or Messenger. The good news is that nothing is going to change in these apps. 

You may use them as you are using them now. Even the functions of Facebook are not going to bear a single change. This is the name that is going to changed, not the algorithm of Facebook. Facebook’s new name would be Mata. It is supposed to grab the attention of the users. 

Vision with reason 

Facebook’s founder, Mark Zuckerberg, didn’t want it to know solely as a social media platform. Facebook now wants to recognized as a technology company with a diverse range of products and apps. According to Zuckerberg’s Founder’s Letter, the new platform will be even more immersive, allowing users to do almost anything they can imagine. On the meta platform, he said, individuals should get together with friends and relatives, operate, learn, start games, superstore, and create. From the start, privacy and security must build into the metaverse.

Open standards and interoperability are also important. This will necessitate not only new technical work — such as community support for crypto and NFT projects — but also new governance structures. Most importantly, Facebook is going to assist in the development of the environment so that more people have a stake in the future and can benefit not only as consumers but also as creators. 

What other change is there?

Apart from its name, which is soon going to be from Facebook Meta or Metaverse. Facebook has planned to change its logo too. From its present thumbs-up-like logo, it is going to be a sign of infinity. Infinity which has no limit, and its name, which means beyond. They both define facebook with a new dimension and new meaning. A blog post stated that it intends to begin trading under the new stock ticker MVRS on December 1st. 

To cut a long story short, only time will tell if Zuckerberg will follow through on his promises. Facebook and its CEO’s names do not have a lot of social capital right now. There have been allegations that Facebook prioritised profit over the potential for social harm, and a number of whistleblowers have come forward to claim flaws in the way the company operates. Government regulators around the world are also looking into Facebook’s operations and have begun asking questions. Let’s wait and view what is going to be the fate of Facebook and what would be the short and long-term effects of this change. But for now, the world is waiting for a new name and logo, which has created a good curiosity in the hearts of many. 

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