Apple AirPods Max Color Variants will be released later this year, along with the AirPods Pro 2.

Apple AirPods

Space grey, silver, green, pink, and sky blue were among the first colors available for Apple AirPods Max. According to a recent report, an AirPods Max color makeover could arrive later this year, along with a new version of AirPods Pro. For more information, see the section below.

According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, additional color varieties of Apple AirPods Max are scheduled to be released later this year. According to the source, Apple is planning to release the second generation of AirPods Pro in the coming months. The earbuds are expected to have better audio quality, a new design, and more advanced functionality. Apple AirPods Max was originally released in space grey, silver, green, pink, and sky blue color variations.

Apple AirPods

The next Apple AirPods Pro is slated to come with two key upgrades, according to Gurman’s Power On newsletter. The first is its new or refreshed design, and the second is that it will for the first time enable lossless playback. Apple is also anticipated to improve the AirPods Pro’s health and fitness management functions. However, no other information has been released.

On the other side, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman reported in his most recent Power On Newsletter that AirPods Pro 2 could be released later this fall. According to the article, the AirPods Pro, which was released about a year ago, is due for an update. He believes that most AirPods Pro users are already experiencing battery issues.

Gurman also stated in the same report that he expects new color options for the Apple AirPods Max, as well as a price reduction for the over-ear headphones. However, there is currently no information about the tech giant’s price reduction plans. 

The Apple AirPods Max was released in India in December 2020 and cost Rs. 59,900.

Is it worthwhile to get Apple Airpods Pro? 

We found the AirPods Pro to be an incredible product with a better design and fit than the basic AirPods, slightly higher sound quality, and superb active noise cancellation in our review. Apple added Spatial Audio to support video types in iOS 14 and subsequently expanded it to Apple Music in iOS 14.6, however, this feature is supported by all headphones, not just AirPods Pro.

AirPods Pro is a significant upgrade over normal AirPods. The shorter stems and rubberized tips provide a more comfortable fit and increase sound quality by creating a better seal (especially at the low end). For such small earbuds, the noise cancellation is amazing, and the transparency mode is among the best available.

Many of the coolest AirPods features on iOS are exclusive to AirPods Pro. All headphones function with Spatial Audio in Apple Music, however, AirPods Pro or AirPods Max are required for video sound. On Apple TV or M1-based Macs, iOS 15 has expanded Find My support as well as Spatial Audio. It’s easy to recommend them now that they’re widely available for under $200.

What is the cost of Airpods Pro? 

The AirPods Pro was initially available in October of 2019 for $249. Since then, no new versions of the hardware have been released, and the pricing has remained the same. 

While the AirPods Pro haven’t officially reduced in price, they’re frequently available for less than $200. We advise against purchasing straight from Apple, as they are nearly never available for less than the full $249 retail price.

What is the Airpods Pro battery life? 

While connected to an iOS smartphone, SoundGuys recorded five hours and six minutes of continuous playback with noise-canceling turned on. This is better than Apple’s stated 4.5-hour battery life and above average for truly wireless earbuds (ANC on). With the Lightning case completely charged, you can play for up to 24 hours before needing to recharge. With the AirPods Pro, five minutes in the charging case offers one hour of listening time. Instead of forcing listeners to pay more money for something Samsung, Apple enabled Qi wireless charging by default this time. Samsung, for example, includes it for much less.

Owners of AirPods and AirPods Pro will receive battery notifications on their phones when their earphones need to be charged after iOS 14 is available. 

How can you get Airpods Pro to work with an Android phone? 

While connecting to an iOS 13.2 smartphone is simple, Android users will have to jump through a few hoops before using the AirPods Pro. If you’ve used other AirPods models, you’re familiar with entering Bluetooth pairing mode by pressing the button on the back of the charging case. After that, go to your smartphone’s Bluetooth settings and search for new devices; wait for the AirPods Pro to show up as an option. The AirPods Pro will be selected, and the two devices will connect.

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