Benefits of reading books: Mental and physical

Benefits Of Book Readings

Reading maketh a full man, conference a ready man and writing an exact man  

The above-written line is written by the famous English writer of the 16th century, Francis Bacon (1561-1626). The well said line tells the importance of studies and making a man full of knowledge.  Reading books is a fashion and passion of people which is never outdate. There are thousands of good books to read and after contemplating. We can bring about changes in our life and thinking skills. There are hundreds of benefits of reading books.  We are here going to discuss some of them to encourage you to study more and more books. 

Benefits of reading books

If we talk about fiction books then it is say and speak by the great philosophers. That readers live many lives in their life before they die. Many other fictitious lines are written about reading and writing. If you want to live forever love a writer. Which simply means that the great writers make the character immortal as if they will never die. In the era of hustle-bustle, we need to have time to escape a little to an unknown land where there is serendipity and calm.

The land of ever-filled river and ever laden trees of flowers and fruits where everything is in an apple pie order. The land of our book. Find some good novels to read and start living with the characters of the book and partake in their sorrow and happiness.  Apart from it, there are many other practical benefits of reading books which may not only affect your brain but also affect your brain or rather soul to its deeper spirits. Books are the carriers of culture and traditions.  The Books have brought great changes to the world and have transformed whole civilizations. 

Books strengthen your brain 

Reading changes your mind, according to a growing body of research. Researchers have confirmed that reading involves a complex network of circuits and signals in the brain using MRI scans. Those networks become stronger and more sophisticated as your reading ability improves. Researchers used functional MRI scans to test the effect of reading a novel on the brain in one study published in 2013. Over nine days, study participants read the novel “Pompeii.” 

As the story progressed, more and more areas of the brain began to light up with activity. Brain scans revealed that brain connectivity increas during the reading time and for days later, particularly in the somatosensory cortex, the portion of the brain that responds to bodily sensations like movement and pain. its time to grab the best books to read and be ready to be mesmerize by the magic 

Reading books is good for vocabulary 

The “Matthew effect,” which relates to the biblical text Matthew 13:12, has been address by reading scholars since the 1960s. “Those who have will be given more, and they will have plenty. Whoever does not have will have their possessions removed from them. The Matthew effect encapsulates the idea that the privileged get richer while the poor get poorer — a concept that relates to both money and words.

Students who read books regularly, starting at a young age, build huge vocabularies, according to researchers and the extent of your vocabulary can have an impact on a variety of aspects of your life, from standardized test scores to college admissions and career prospects. According to Cengage research done in 2019, 69 percent of companies prefer to hire people with “soft” talents such as excellent communication. Reading books is the most effective approach to expanding your vocabulary by learning new terms in context.

Good books to read lead to stress reduction 

A group of researchers in the United States studied the impact of yoga, humor, and reading on the stress levels of students enrolled in demanding health science programs in 2009. According to the research, 30 minutes of reading reduced blood pressure, heart rate, and feelings of psychological discomfort just as much as yoga and humor.Since time constraints are one of the most frequently cited reasons for high-stress levels reported by health science students. The authors concluded, “30 minutes of one of these techniques can be easily incorporated into their schedule without detracting a significant amount of time from their studies.”

 Reading books increases empathy. 

People who read literary fiction — novels that explore the inner lives of individuals — have a greater ability to understand the feelings and beliefs of others, according to research. This capacity is referred to as the “theory of mind” by researchers, and it is a set of skills necessary for forming, navigating, and maintaining social interactions. While a single session of reading literary fiction is unlikely to produce this sensation, studies demonstrate that long-term fiction readers have a more developed theory of mind. This is one of the best benefits of reading books as it develops the human qualities in us. Our mood swings according to the books we choose to read. If we have studied the books intensely then there would be a lasting impression on our brain and personality. 

Find the good books to read 

There is an abundance of good novels to read but what is the best novel to read is a matter of perspective and mindset. The Plays of Shakespeare are the best books to read for some readers. On the other hand, people find the novels of Thomas Hardy the best novels to read. The book is name Arabian Nights, Decameron, books by Dante and the long epic poems like The Paradise Lost or The great Indian epics Mahabharat and Ramayan. The story is tell in poems by Chaucer in Canterbury tale or the modern novels like. The  Kite Runner or the Thousand Splendid Suns by Khalid Hosaini are regard as the best novels to reon on the bookshelf of people. A Monk Who Sold His Ferrari is also one of the best books to read. 

Nowadays there is a trend of reading self-help books and students are taking a great interest in such books. Some of the good books to read in this genre. The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind, The Think And Grow Rich, The Rich Dad Poor Dad,and The Richest Man In Babylon and this is an endless list.

These are really good books to read.   To cut a long story short the benefits of reading books are many. From pampering your soul to take you to an unknown imaginary land of fairies and flowers. From making you wise and serious to help you to grow and develop your personality to the fullest. The benefits of reading are wonderful. You should grab the good books to read and preserve the habit of reading books.

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