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Sop Guidelines for Student

With increasing competition around the globe in every arena, whether in academia or career-wise, every person is trying to achieve their goals. Likewise, many people apply for admission overseas every year to get better opportunities and an edge over other graduates with regular qualifications. Out of all the documents that required to submit per the procedure of acquiring admission. Statement of purpose (SOP) or Personal Statement is one of the most important documents. A statement of purpose (SOP) or Personal Statement is a document having all the applicant’s important personal information and motives. Generally, the length of the SOP depends on the guidelines provided by the country you are applying for. This article will talk about the VISA Statement of purpose (SOP) or Personal statement guidelines for a student.

The overview of the guidelines is mentioned below:

  • Should addressed to the Visa Officer of the Canadian High Commission.
  • Include a subject in your Statement of purpose (SOP) or Personal Statement.
  • Give proper headings to all the paragraphs.
  • Length should be somewhere between 800 – 1000 words.

A large number of Universities in Canada require a Statement of purpose (SOP) or Personal Statement to provide students from diverse backgrounds a fair opportunity at admissions. Every student tries to write a captivating Statement of purpose (SOP) or Personal Statement for Canada Study Visa. However, only a few seek approval and make it to their desired university or college. Statement of purpose (SOP) or Personal Statement is an explanatory essay about your motive and intention to study in a specific institution and country. It is a profound insight into a candidate’s academic life, interests, and achievements.

The importance of the Statement of purpose (SOP) or Personal Statement are listed below:

  • High spot the capabilities, future goals, career – choices, and skill set of an applicant;
  • Assists in starting an aspirant’s academic year ASAP;
  • Aids in choosing dedicated and deserving students.

As we have learned about the Statement of purpose (SOP) or Personal Statement and its importance, we can now delve into the same structure to remove any probable errors. A brief overview of the sop guidelines for student structure of Statement of purpose (SOP) or Personal Statement listed as below:

  •  Introduction
  •  Educational background, Extracurricular Activities, and Professional standing
  •  Why the particular course?
  •  plans, career prospects, and Return to India
  •  Why the particular university/college?
  •  Why the particular country?
  •  Conclusion


When it comes to the introduction, you can either begin with a quote by a famous personality or use an anecdote to explain how you got interested in a particular domain. Try to keep the introduction short and crisp, including the necessary information only.

Educational background, Extracurricular Activities, and Professional standing

Here, you will begin with your recent and highest qualification and then delve back into the previous education you have pursued, like the 12th and 10th standards. You can mention your exemplary performances and achievements too. Next, you should tell how you were active in extracurricular activities and the skills you acquired thereby. If you have work experiences like an internship or any job, you must include them along with your job description.

Why the particular course?

In this paragraph, you are required to include the reason for choosing this curriculum and how it aligns with your past educational background. Also, you need to add a few modules of the course that are of interest and how they will help in augmenting your existing knowledge and skillset.

Plans, career prospects, and Return to India

This paragraph will be the most important as it will describe your purpose and intentions. In this paragraph, you will tell how this course will help you achieve your pre-determined goals. You will include your short-term and long-term goals. Include all the prospect points of your career like the job profiles you will be getting, salary packages, and how this course with international exposure will give you an edge over other applicants with regular qualifications. Next, you should mention the incentives when you will return to your homeland. In this, you can include points like better opportunities and intense family times that would not allow you to stay far from your family for an extended period. 

Why the particular university/college?

After explaining your choice of course and future goals, you will now have to explain why you chose this specific university. Here you can include achievements of the college/university and explain the specialized course and the amenities that come along. You may also mention the student–to–teacher ratio and how it will help you gain more knowledge.

Why the particular country?

Telling why you chose a particular country will include all the factors you found exclusively in that country. Also, you can compare the facilities or advantages of studying in that country with some other countries.


Towards the end of the Statement of purpose (SOP) or Personal statement, you need to reassure the officer that the SOP is written most truthfully and that you are grateful that they gave you this opportunity. You are waiting for their revert soon.

As we have almost reached the end of today’s topic, we want to highlight some really common errors in the Statement of purpose (SOP) or Personal Statement that can avoid. These listed below:

  •  Invest your time while making an SOP and don’t compile it at the last minute.
  •  The introduction should be satisfactory as it can fetch the attention of the reader.
  •  Avoid grammatical errors, improper use of language, etc. as it will show poor communication skills.
  • Syntax and format should be faultless, and the guidelines should be thoroughly followed if provided by any university or college specifically Make the SOP most truthfully.




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