Diwali 2021: 5 South Indian Diwali Foods You Must Try This Year

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Diwali- one of the biggest Indian festival

As the enthusiasm of the Diwali festival felt around, it is the time of the year when happiness encircles the circle and brings prosperity. This major festival is celebrated with great zeal in almost entire India. This year it will celebrate on 4th November 2021. The festival of lights brings people together from various backgrounds that commence with Dhanteras and continue till Bhai Dhooj. Celebrations can be seen in northern states such as Punjab, Delhi, and Haryana and western states such as Maharashtra and Gujarat.

In contrast, Diwali celebrates with great joy in southern states also such as Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, and Kerala. The customs and traditions might be somewhat different, but the festive excitement and ecstasy are natural! The enchanting, lit streets and fairy lights fascinate our hearts. In India, food is irresistibly interlinked with each festival that is celebrated.

Delicious Indian Diwali food

The never-ending smell of sweets and desi ghee laddoos shows that the biggest festival is here. It is unfair to consider this festival of joy and peace without stating some interesting delicacies that are a standard part of our culinary tradition. 

For Diwali, the primary thing that strikes our mind is a lot of sweets and savor foods. The famous sweets and snacks incorporated in the sweet shops are soan papdi, Kesar halwa, Kaju katli, aloo Tikki, namak pare, papdi chaat, and boondi ladoo, and many more food items.

In south India, Diwali celebrates Naraka Chaturdashi to rejoice in Krishna’s triumph over Narakasura. 

The southern states also have many popular food items that are yummy and feed your soul. 

The 5 south Indian Diwali foods you must try this year are as follows:

  1. Teepi Gavvalu
  2. Deepawali Marandhu
  3. Thenkuzhal Murukku
  4. Paniyaram
  5. Mysore Bonda

 Let’s get to know about each of them in detail:

1. Teepi Gavvalu

Teepi Gavvalu is a traditional Andhra dessert that serves during Diwali. It can also eat as a snack during the evening. In Telugu, the meaning of teepi gavvalu is ‘sweet shells.’ Kids and adults love it. This Teepi Gavvalu is an exceptional local snack for the Andhra people. It has two varieties: The spicy kind in which red chili powder mixes with the dough and serves. The other is the sweet kind with jaggery and sugar syrup. In the spicy kind, Teepi Gavvalu makes with rice flour, maida, and Rava with hot oil and salt ingredients.

In the sweet kind, Its makes from all-purpose flour, little water, and ghee, and the beautiful shell-shaped curls are deep-fried and dipped in a jaggery coating or sugar syrup that gives delight. The jaggery sweet kind is the desired food of Lord Krishna and is the best item to offer him on Gokulashtami. You must surely try both versions of Teepi Gavvalu to please your taste buds.

2. Deepawali Marundhu

During Diwali, we visit many relatives and consume so many heavy foods, snacks, and sweets. Besides that, the breakfast, lunch, and dinner in our home are too much due to the festive season, which might cause digestion problemsDeepawali Marandhu is one of the best food that helps to ease digestion.

Deepawali Marandhu, also called legiya is a well-known Tamil food for its deliciously sweet taste and outstanding health advantages. This mouthwatering South Indian Diwali food aids all the digestive problems and ensures that our stomach functions properly. Deepawali Marandhu is nothing but a mixture of poppy seeds, honey, dry ginger, dry grapes, ghee, nuts.

3. Thenkuzhal Murukku

Diwali party partially finish without crunchy and crusty Thenkuzhal Murukku in Tamil Nadu. During the Diwali festival season, this snack recipe is very similar to the customary chakli or murukku with no spikes in it. The term thenkuzhal means ‘tubes of honey. Thenkuzhal Murukku is a tangy snack that is made especially on Krishna Jayanti or Diwali. The snack is generally made on a huge scale, and in a sound stage for 2-3 weeks. It makes with urad dal flour and rice flour and mixed. It roasts on low flame for about 2-3 minutes. After Diwali, also you can have this crispy South Indian food with your evening tea.

 4. Paniyaram

One of the well-known South Indian Diwali food, Paniyaram prepares with remains or over fermented dosa batter, idli. Paniyaram is chewy and fluffy from the inside. The leftover batter is sugar with some jaggery with cardamom and coconut. You can have savory paniyarams too. It is called by various names like – Gunta Ponganalu or Paddu/GuLiyappa/Yeriyappa or Kuzhi paniyaram. Paniyaram is very nutritious and is rich in protein that is extremely digestible and is a good source of dietary fiber with a proper amount of insoluble and soluble fractions.

 5. Mysore Bonda

Mysore Bonda is crispy outside and fluffy inside. It is a light snack that offers for parties and festivals in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. It makes with yogurt, urad dal flour, all-purpose flour, and spices and has a filling of crushed potatoes or mixed vegetables. The texture and taste of wheat flour Mysore Bonda is perfect and fluffy and has a nutty flavor. It serves with Sambhar and spicy coconut chutney.


Diwali, being the festival of lights, and food is the biggest fiesta of Indians. All are surrounded with great enthusiasm and joy. There are several food items for Diwali in Northern as well as Southern states. You must try all those mentioned above 5 South Indian Diwali food such as Mysore Bonda, Paniyaram, Teepi Gavvalu, Thenkuzhal Murukku, and Deepawali Marundhu to get all the crunchy and sweet taste. 

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