Eye Makeup For Big Eyes – Tips & Tricks You Never Know! 

Eye makeup

Our eyes are the most visible feature on our face; they see, but they are also designed to be seen. When it comes to creating fresh, new appearances, the colors, shapes, and combination capabilities provide an overwhelming multitude of options. You may sometimes communicate a lot with your eyes without saying anything. The most expressive traits a person’s face can have. It’s a general guideline that if you want to conceal big eyes, you should always choose a deeper color of eye shadow. The darker the eye shadow, the larger and more appealing your eyes will appear. The deeper hue is used because it provides more space and size for your eyes. Nude eye makeup and light eye shadows draw attention to your facial features. Eye makeup for large eyes should be a deeper color of your choosing. Begin with the darkest shade at the corner of your eyes will work your way to the inner side of your eyelids. Only eye makeup can give you a hefty appearance. Women adore eye makeup and use it to make their eyes appear more prominent. In this post, I’ll go over all eye makeup techniques and methods for prominent eyes. So, if you want to make your eyes appear larger, never use light or pastel hues as an eye shadow. This article will teach us how to kill with our eyes. Allow your eyes to work their magic and turn heads, making you the center of attention everywhere you go. Yes, trust me when I say you can. Do you want to know how I did it? The top secrets are then shared below.


Pre Hand Preparation 

It would be best if you prepared your eyes first before putting on any eye makeup. It would be best if you began by addressing your dark circles, wrinkles, and puffiness under your eyes. Your eye makeup will never appear professional with all of those concerns on your eyes and the region around your eyes. So, first and foremost, deal with all of the shows, and then begin with the eye makeup.


Puffiness of the eyes 

If you have puffy eyes, apply a piece of ice in a circular motion to your eyes. After closing your eyes, you may even place a slice of cucumber on both of them. And then take a 10-15 minute break. It will also help to decrease puffiness around the eyes.


Eye Base 

Apply a foundation to your eyelids before beginning your eye makeup. You can’t get a dramatic eye appearance with makeup unless you first prepare your eyes. You may even use white eye makeup as a foundation for your eyes. The eye base and primer are the same things. Like you should prime your face before applying makeup, you should also prime your eyes. 


Artificial Eyelashes 

If you didn’t know, fake eyelashes play a critical function in making your eyes appear larger. So, if you want to have big, beautiful eyes, never say no to fake eyelashes. Just keep in mind that the implantation of fake eyelashes must be flawless. Don’t forget to curl your natural and fake eyelashes. 



Following that, it’s time for mascara. Mascara is required to form your eyes effectively. Only mascara can add a finishing touch to your lashes. Mascara can make your eyes appear more prominent in a matter of seconds. Using mascara to make your eyes appear larger, apply at least 4 to 5 coats to the outer corners and up to the bottom lashes. The form you must make with mascara is a doe shape. 


Curler for the eyes

An eyelash curler is required to curl both eyelashes. If you don’t already have an eyelash curler, it’s time to get one, Because nothing can enhance your eyes like an eyelash curler if you are fascinated with having large eyes. Artificial eyelashes give your eyes a broader appearance, making them appear larger. 

Smokey Specks

Smokey eyes are a favorite of ours. Our gatherings, celebrations, and festivals would be incomplete without that Smokey appearance. And, sure, the Smokey appearance makes your eyes appear larger and more appealing. Using eye shadow with liner has grown popular in recent years. It is past time for you to try your hand at something trendy. And smoky eye makeup is now famous.



The most extraordinary eye makeup and to have large eyes from eye makeup, then blending is the first and most important secret to show. The better and more blending you do, the more professional your eye makeup will seem. A demonstration of blending is required, and you must ensure that it is done correctly.



Makeup isn’t complete unless you emphasize the highest points on your face. Similarly, eye makeup is never exclusive unless the brow bones are highlighted. Apply eyeshadow to your brow bones to draw attention to them. To emphasize, I recommend using white eye makeup. This technique will make your eyes appear larger. To complete the effect of your eye makeup, you must use a highlighter.


Your Brows Should Be Trimmed

Trimming and shaping your brows is essential for making your eyes appear more prominent with eye makeup. Your eye makeup may be beautiful, but it is never complete unless your brows are shaped and groomed. So, in addition to eye makeup, shape and trim your brows so that eye makeup and eye appearance go hand in hand, making your eyes appear larger.


Work On Dark Circles 

If you apply eye makeup on the dark circles, it will be a disaster. If you have dark circles, be sure to disguise them appropriately. It is essential to use the correct shade of concealer for your dark circles. You may use a translucent powder to set the concealer and then apply foundation to avoid oily eyes and a creamy base.


Inner Corners should be highlighted.

To make your eyes seem, place a white shadow in the shape of a dot at the end of the inner side of an eyelid. This will draw attention to your inner eye corner. 


Eyeliner Application

How you apply eyeliner has a significant impact on the appearance of your eyes. The size of your eyes is determined by how you outline the liner. To make your eyes appear larger, add a thin coating of eyeliner to your eyelids and above your lashes. Even cat-eyeliner makes your eyes appear larger.


Mascara should be applied to the bottom lashes.

Applying mascara to your bottom lashes will undoubtedly assist in accentuating and enlarging your eyes. Mascara may also be used to add volume to your bottom lashes. 





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