Amazon Brands should have an awaiting or registered and active text or image-based trademark.

Suppose you are willing to be eligible for Amazon Brand Registry. In that case, your brand should have a dynamically registered trademark in each country where you are willing to register or have an awaiting trademark application filed. The trademark should be in the condition of a text-based mark for your brand: a wordmark or an image-based mark with words, numbers, or letters(intend mark). Relying on where your trademark is registered, eligible trademarks can have diverse classifications depending on their issuing trademark office. Instances of trademarks that are currently accepted for enrolment are comprised below:

The trademark owner should submit brand Registry applications. If you are an official agent, kindly let the trademark owner enroll the brand and enhance your account as an extra user. If you fulfill the necessary needs, sign in employing your present seller or Vendor central identifications. Employing a similar password and username will permit admittance to Brand Registry aspects and advantages that are associated. Or, if you don’t hold an Amazon account, generate one for free.


Brand Registry is a plan that identifies name owners to Flipkart. It aids brand owners in safeguarding their intellectual property and product content on Flipkart. This program aids original owners by limiting sales of replica products on Flipkart through other forged sellers.

Before going through the Flipkart Brand Registry procedure, you need to be sure about the accessibility of the necessary documents for Flipkart seller Registration. Registrations Needed for Flipkart Seller Registration.

 Here the entire list of the documents needed registering business Flipkart:

  • Business registration proof differs depending on the business element in which you are conducting the business.
  • Municipal License, Shop firm certificate, MSME registration, and much more are required for Flipkart Seller Registration.
  • GST registration is necessary for Tax Registration evidence to involve on the Flipkart portal.
  • Bank account details obliged to payout the sales amount received through Flipkart Portal.

Why Barcode Registration is significant for Flipkart Brand Register.

In addition to being the best solution for cost-saving and cautious time, Barcode registration can be a significant and valuable decision for associations for enhancing ability and expanding transparency. Also, it is very significant in Flipkart Brand Registry.

Eligibility with Flipkart Brand Registry to register.

These are some of the necessary eligibility for the Flipkart Brand Registry in India: 

  • To register your brand, you should induce a seller account with Flipkart India.
  • For registering in a brand registry program, you should need a trademark registration under some trademark class to which your product is held acquisition.
  • Thirdly, your brand name should attached enduringly to the product package you wished to sell on Flipkart.
  • You are ready with all the essential documents. Now we will discuss the eligibility to register with the Flipkart brand registry and its procedure.

First and primary, as a part of Flipkart seller includes signing up as a seller on the Flipkart Login page. Create an account on your supplier homepage on Flipkart’s website. Registration is straightforward. A seller will given access to elements of the items they will sell via this website.

Some of the necessary details required to fill while registering Flipkart seller are as follows.

  1.  Name of the seller
  2.  Phone number of the seller
  3.  Category of product
  4.  Tax registration documents predominantly GST registration
  5.  Business registration documents such as Certificate of Incorporation, Memorandum of Association, etc.
  6.  The email address of the seller
  7.  Business address/ Pickup address

In addition, some other essential documents need submitted based on the kind of business registered.

Businesses such as Partnership companies, Sole Proprietorship companies, LLPs & companies can register themselves as traders on the Flipkart website.


Documents Required for Snapdeal Seller Registration

PAN Card

PAN is necessary identity evidence. A firm or company’s PAN is needed in the scenario of one person company, private limited, or a limited liability partnership. On the other hand, a copy of his personal PAN is required in the case of a person.

GST Registration

According to the government’s statement, all businesses trading goods on e-commerce platforms must register under GST despite their turnover. This growth has been in power ever since 1st April 2017.

Documents needed for GST Registration

  •  PAN Card of the Company, LLP or the Individual
  •  Bank Account Details
  •  1 Cancelled cheque of the bank account of the individual
  •  Aadhaar card of the directors or the partners, as the case, might be
You also require to share details of your current bank account in the name of the business. The documents needed to open a bank account are as follows:
  •  PAN Card of the entity or the company or the LLP
  •  Address proof of the unit
  •  Identity proof and address proof of all the directors of the company or the LLP as the case might be
  •  Once the bank account open, a canceled cheque bearing the account number requires submitted
  •  Address proof of the individual
  •  2 suitable email ids
  •  Certificate of Incorporation in scenario of a company or an LLP
  •  Bank form
  •  Partnership Deed in case of a Partnership company

Steps to Register on Snapdeal as an Online supplier.

You can employ a professional to generate a catalog showing the products’ pictures and product descriptions. For superior buyer experience, e.g., in ready-made apparel, you may employ models to display the product.

Are you struggling to get trademark registration? Then, you can go through Lawgical India, which deals with various types of trademark registration, and it would help you in the long run.

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