How to gain real instagram followers and increase engagements?

instagram followers and increase engagements

Instagram is taking over the world like anything.

People are using it to mint money and gain growth in their business enterprise. Almost everyone individual uses Instagram to create social awareness and widen their horizon to elaborate their working scale. But gaining real-time Instagram followers and increase engagements are tedious tasks.

It might look easy, but it is not. It would help if you gave it a lot of time and energy. Taking purchased followers is an easy way out, but it has its disadvantages for your account. Hence, it’s better to keep it original and attract real-time followers and increase engagements to your Instagram account. You can do this with multiple hacks .

Today in this article, we’ll be discussing the same. You will learn how you can do business by creating awareness through your Instagram handle. This article will help you to put efforts in the right direction and gain actual engagements. 

• Table of Contents 

  1. Get your bio optimized
  2. Know the best time to post on Instagram
  3. Be consistent
  4. Develop strong content
  5. Be Innovative with content
  6. Use catchy captions
  7. Keywords and Hashtags
  8. Do Collaborations Often

1. Get your bio optimized  

This is the very first step that influences the audience to follow you. Try to optimize your bio to attract a better crowd and gain real-time followers and increase engagements. A bio should depict your brand voice and specialty. It must describe what you deal with clearly. A good bio is generally around 150 characters. Your Instagram bio tells the followers who you are, which city you belong and what you deal with. Hence it has to be specific and descriptive.

Keep these tips in mind while writing your Instagram bio

A. Descriptive about what you do 

B. Defines your personality 

C. Attach website link 

D. Call to action ( e-mail, phone number) 

2. Know the best time to post on Instagram 

Secondly, you must be aware of the best time to post on Instagram. Many people do not know about the best time and create posts whenever they like. This turns all their hard work into vain, and they’re unable to gain anything in return. So make sure you have adequate knowledge about the best time to make a blog post. We would advise you to post in the early afternoon or evening to gain some real-time engagements on your gram. To know the best time, try experimenting with different time slots and see which one has given you the best insights and audience. This is how you will know when to post on Instagram. 

3. Be consistent 

Consistency is the key to success. It would help if you were consistent enough to post your content regularly. When you’re consistent, people remain glued to your account, and they’re also curious about what you’ll be posting next. Therefore consistency is the best hack to get good results and real-time followers on your Instagram handle. Do not take breaks and long gaps while posting content. It is unnecessary to publish 3-4 blog posts in a day. Even 1 blog post can do wonders if it is appropriately planned and formulated. With consistent content, you can attract the audience in a better way. 

4. Develop strong content 

Content is the USP for any business. The content influences the users and attracts the audience to follow you before publishing your content plan, a content marketing strategy. You can do this by yourself or hire someone you know who deals with all this. A solid and engaging content marketing strategy will help you to develop engaging content on your gram. This will help you to establish your individuality in the market and beat the existing competition. Compelling content helps to make engagements and connect with people on a larger scale. 

5. Be innovative with content  

Could you not keep it dull and monotonous? Be very creative and innovative with your content. You know the audience prefers creativity and change. No one likes to see the same movie over and over again. The same is with content. Your audience will appreciate you if you’re consistent and experimental with your content. Look out for new ways and means to publish engaging content. Go for IGTV videos, Instagram Reels so that the audience finds them catchy and exciting. Innovation will help you to win the hearts of your audience. 

6. Use catchy captions 

By using catchy captions, you can attract attention. Use excellent photos, preferably of HD quality, and keep attractive captions to them. This will influence the audience to a greater extent. Captions give clarity about what you have posted. Instagram captions can be up to 2000 characters. 

7. Keywords and Hashtags 

The best way to achieve long-term results and gain organic traffic is to do keyword research and use hashtags accordingly. This helps you to do search engine optimization and gain real-time engagements on a long-term basis. Therefore, conduct adequate keyword research to be assured of real-time followers and engagements. Start by finding hashtags that would appeal to your target audience. You can use free Instagram tools like Autohash for this purpose. 

8. Do collaborations often 

To drive organic increase to your Instagram account engagements, you must go for collaborations quite often. Collaborate with bloggers and influencers who have a good number of followers to get good exposure and attract traffic.

These quick hacks will help you to gain real-time followers and traffic to boost your Instagram increase engagements. Practice them and be consistent with achieving the desired results.

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