How to get more subscribers for a YouTube channel?

Subscribers for a YouTube channel

12 smart ways to get it done

So, one more year has passed, and your resolution to be a Youtuber is still a resolution only. There can be many reasons behind this procrastinating behavior towards YouTube. Undoubtedly the doubt about being successful is the major one.

But today, you are going to read about the 12 clever ways to gain more subscribers and how to be a successful Youtuber?

Let us start with some statistics about YouTube.

YouTube claims that one billion videos are watched every day, resulting in billions of views and comments. Ninety percent of individuals believe that YouTube is where they learn about new items and businesses. Furthermore, every minute, 500 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube.

If you’re just getting started with your YouTube channel and want to build your subscriber base but are intimidated by the numbers, we’ve got you covered. You can then follow our extensive guide, which will provide you with actionable strategies to swiftly develop your YouTube channel by increasing the number of subscribers you have.

12 smart ways.

  1. Engage the viewers in the first 10 seconds
  2. Write a script first
  3. Add watermark to videos
  4. Maintain quality and quantity
  5. Focus on SEO strategy
  6. Catching thumbnail
  7. Interact with viewers
  8. Mention videos in blogs
  9. Mention videos in Emails
  10. Use the right tools
  11. Use Intro and outro
  12. Go live

Now, let us read these ideas one by one.

Engage viewers in the first 10 seconds.

The first impression is the last. People usually leave the videos if their attention is not grabbed within 10 seconds to 120 seconds for short and long videos, respectively. If you don’t capture your audience’s interest by then, they’ll move on to the following video, and you’ll lose a potential subscriber.

Write a script first.

“A well-planned work is half done.”

You need to plan everything before making a video and execute that plan accordingly. Instead of copying other Youtubers, do what you love to do. You know your videos well so, whatever you plan would be the best one. Plan the structure of your videos and write a precise script for it. This script will also guarantee a smooth sequence of events, resulting in a well-focused video.

Include such details:

  • You’re going to say exactly what you’re going to say.
  • In the video, you’ll be taking the following steps.
  • The most important points to remember.
  • Any calls to action required (click on this link, subscribe to my channel, etc.)

Add watermarks to videos.

This is a straightforward YouTube channel trick that can implemented right away. Youtube allows Youtubers to apply a watermark that will appear on all of their videos at all times. This gives your audience another opportunity to subscribe to your channel. You can use a new watermark and replace the old one whenever you want.

Maintain quality and quantity.

Quality and quantity both are equally important for good performance. Quality stand for the graphics, camera, lighting, sound, and other things for videos. You need to take care of background sound that disturbs the viewers. The good visual and sound effects are to be used adequately. Quantity stands here the videos you post per month or week. The frequency is based on the size of videos, too, and many other considerations. Keep posting videos at standard intervals.

Focus on SEO strategy.

You must remember to make videos that others want to watch, not just videos you feel obligated to share.

While producing high-quality material is essential for a YouTube channel’s success, it is only the first step. It would help to focus on YouTube channel SEO to increase your subscribers, engagement, and results page ranking.

To make videos that people want to watch, you must first understand their needs. This can only  accomplished through keyword research. You may obtain other crucial statistics such as competitive density, SERP features keyword difficulty, top competitors, and click potential, in addition to keyword search volume.

Catching thumbnails.

Instead of creating a video thumbnail to be used at random, create a particular one for each video. This is only logical.

Your YouTube videos’ CTR ( Click Through Rate ) can be increased by using related photos and annotation as custom thumbnails.

Interact with viewers.

A proper follow-up of viewers is essential. You make videos and post them on time, but you need to reply to every comment given by the viewers. It gives a positive vibe to them, and they feel good about it. This is an excellent way to engage and enhance viewers.

Mention videos in blogs.

This could be an excellent reason to start a blog if you don’t already have one. On both of these channels, you can cross-promote your blog and YouTube channel. click here, and you can learn how to start a blog.

Mention videos in Emails.

Email marketing is the most effective marketing channel regarding return on investment, yet it’s often overlooked as a source of subscribers for your YouTube channel. The first few subscribers to your channel may come from contacts on your email list. It can also help you get more views on your films in the future.

Use the right tools.

There are numerous valuable tools available. Using the appropriate tools would be very helpful for you as it can raise your organic audience, and the more organic views you have, the more subscribers you would be able to attract smoothly.

Use Intro and outro.

Your YouTube intro and outro can help make your video while also making it more engaging.

An opening and outro will help to establish your brand and give your video a professional feel. It’s like a TV show’s opening theme music.

Go live

You can keep making amazing videos, but if you don’t hold live broadcasts on your channel regularly, you’re missing out on a vast potential. Live videos preferred above-pre-recorded videos by the algorithm.

As a result, if you routinely broadcast live YouTube streams, your channel’s searchability and visibility will improve.

These are some exciting ways to increase the number of subscribers for your YouTube channel. The ideas of blogging and email marketing are revolutionary and adopted. The content is the soul of every strategy. You need to provide the best content as it can grab the viewers’ attention as they could see the video till the end. Gain knowledge related to SEO and use it as much as possible according to your content and convenience.

There are some other minor things to consider, such as :

  • Length of video
  • Way of presentation
  • Theme of videos
  • Behind the Scene
  • QNAs
  • following trends
  • relevant tags etc

Last but not least is your firm determination to start a YouTube and execute these ideas. If you already have one, then start optimizing these 12 ways from today onward.

Remember, “if you want to shine like the sun, then you will have to burn like sun….”

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