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Well, two things are to be understood grow the youtube channel at the beginning of everything: the stories of achievements are never smooth, but there are stories of achievements. Meaning you will face many problems in the journey to get 1000 subscribers, but nothing is more significant than a strong determination. Growing a YouTube channel takes a lot of time and effort, especially in the early stages. Because you’re new, no one knows who you are, and YouTube won’t show your channel in search results.

People are wary of subscribing to a channel that lacks social evidence, has no social media presence, and has no followers. Nonetheless, I frequently see many aspiring YouTubers use feel-good tales and big influencers to minimize the challenges of developing a YouTube channel.


Why are 1000 subscribers considered the “golden number”?

YouTube channels must have over 1000 subscribers and 4000 view hours per year to generate money through the advertisements program. It’s a fantastic feeling to get 1000 subscribers. It allows the platform to be monetized. YouTubers that earn a small amount of money per month from adverts are more motivated to reach 10k and 100k subscribers. For brand new YouTubers, reaching 1000 subscribers is both manageable and a significant achievement. This is a beautiful first objective to set for yourself to build a successful YouTube channel. Well, now the thing is how to get these achievements. Here are some valuable tips to help you out. Apply these with great zeal and enthusiasm they are: 

  • Pick a niche and go with it.
  • Be super conscious about thumbnails and titles. 
  • Write a good script.
  • Promote with the right social media channel.
  • Create excellent and attention-grabbing content. 
  • Run a viral YouTube giveaway. 
  • Consistency is very important. 

Let us read about all of this one by one and see what comes out. 

Pick a niche and go with it.

One of the most common blunders made by beginners is talking about everything on their channel. They’ll discuss everything that piques their attention, from skiing to cooking to movies to investing. There is also a common blunder made by vloggers, who talk about anything in their lives without clearly defining a specialization. The issue with discussing different topics is that viewers will become confused about what your channel is about.

It’s like McDonald’s saying that they’ll be providing sushi and Japanese cuisine one day. The fast-food chain is well-known for its burgers, fries, and milkshakes. Customers at McDonald’s will be perplexed by the new menu modification. They would go to an authentic Japanese restaurant if they wanted Japanese food. Returning to the original example, if a viewer subscribes to a person’s cooking videos, they will only be interested in films about cooking. 

Be Super Conscious about thumbnails or titles. 

We all have heard the famous saying that “the first impression is the last impression.” This saying is the central idea of the heading that focuses on the thumbnail and title of your video. These two things grab the attention of the viewer before anything else. If the title is eye-catching and enticing enough, people will click on the video and watch it. A viewer may click on a video if the title and thumbnail are attractive and engaging and the viewer is interested in the topic. The CTR of a video is increased as a result of this. If the title and thumbnail, on the other hand, aren’t appealing, viewers will pass over that video and move on to another. If a large number of visitors skim over the video, the CTR will suffer.

Write a good script to Grow Youtube Channel

A good script plays a very important role in the success of YouTube. Whatever your topic is going to be, make sure you are very comfortable about it. As already mentioned that you should have a particular strain of videos and, according to that, prepare a well-structured script considering the topic’s length and theme. The language should be fluent, and the words should be simple as people can understand. You need to revise and practice a lot. If there are some activities are done, then frame your script according to that. A good script helps in making a good video. 

Grow Youtube Channel Through Social Media. 

Most newbies use every social media channel, from Twitter to Instagram, to advertise their films. They share their videos with friends and family and promote them on their Facebook feeds. “If I promote my video all over social media, people will notice my excellent videos, check them out, and share them with others,” it is a notion. Facebook groups (not Facebook pages), Linked In, and Reddit, in my opinion, are the finest sites to distribute content. Facebook groups are a great way to get your message out to a large number of people. From traveling and cooking to video games and movies, there are organizations for everyone. The best part is that only a few YouTubers are aware of it.

Create excellent and attention-grabbing content. 

See, no technique will work if you fail to write good content. This is the inner quality of your videos. The quality of content cannot be compromised. You will have to focus a bit more, especially on this part, and conduct internal research. The sound and picture quality of the video. Good script, background, behavior, body language, tone, and accent are all important considerations to make good content. 

Run a Viral YouTube Giveaway. 

Running a giveaway is another technique to increase your YouTube subscriber count. After all, who doesn’t like getting something for anything? Running a YouTube giveaway not only increases your subscribers but also increases user interaction and allows you to collect user-generated content that you can use as social proof for your business. What’s the secret to a successful YouTube giveaway? Make it clear to your viewers that they must subscribe to your YouTube channel to participate in your giveaway.

Consistency Is Very Important To Grow Youtube Channel

Consistency is the path to perfection. When you work consistently for something late or soon, you will get it. It shows your determination towards your work as determination is already mentioned as an important factor. Newcomers should approach their posting timetable as if it were a television show.  A new episode of a TV show is released at week same time. TV viewers know when their favorite shows are on and set aside that time to watch them. This rule should as well be followed by YouTubers as well. The most dedicated YouTubers usually upload a video once a week. Whatever frequency a YouTuber prefers – once a week, twice a week, once a month, etc. As long as the YouTuber uploads videos regularly, viewers will show up for each new video.

Conclusion About Grow youtube Channel 

To gain subscribers, a particular way to create a video is important. It would be best if you were specific about the titles of the videos, and do not forget to consider the thumbnail. Promotion is done systematically. You need to avoid the habit of blindly sharing your videos as a promotion. Content is the most important part of youtube, and the script is the most important content. Timely giveaways are a good strategy. Remember, what your strategy is, consistency is to be followed, and you need to be punctual about posting the videos.

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