How To Make Money Blogging (The Practical Guide for 2021)

Make Money Blogging

Is it probable for a beginner to generate money with a blog? Can you generate a living out of blogging, or is it just another fable? Their response to both questions is yes.

Blogging for money is not a notional perception, but it’s realism. Anyone with some essential knowledge of SEO, blogging, and an overall idea of how the Internet functions can begin blogging business and generate money.

How To generate Money With a Blog?

Let’s wind back and start from the beginning. How do bloggers generate money online, and how can you carry out the same? It sounds like a straightforward procedure. Indeed, some of the steps are clear-cut, but others are difficult, and you are required to be filled with accurate knowledge, accurate tools, and a lot of patience.

Step 1: Associate your self-hosted blog.

This is probably a simple step. It’s so simple nowadays to register a domain name and build up a blog. All you require is some help and pointers in the correct direction.

Mistakes to stay away from when setting up your blog.

Being a beginner in blogging, it’s usual to create mistakes. That’s ideally okay, given that you learn from your blunders and not repeat them. When it comes to beginning a blog, keep these tips in mind.

Keep your concentration on your primary goal – make money online.

Your target is to get to a point where you will begin making money from your blog, and you should remember that.

I am starting this again as I am aware from experience that beginners’ typical mistake is engaging too much effort and time in making the perfect blog, not remembering that your website design doesn’t matter at the earlier stages, and that comprises Google.

I am not stating that website design is not necessary, but not at the premature levels. Your primary objective at this step is to have a blog running and begin generating content that will obtain your traffic.

There is so much work generated in obtaining traffic and potential customers, and you should dedicate your energy to those tasks from the very start.

You require to have your domain and self-hosted blog.

There is a vast difference between hosting your website on a free platform similar to and having your domain and your self-hosted website.

Make an accurate decision from the start and select the correct stage. A self-hosted WordPress website is a correct choice.

Keep it easy

If you are beginning out now, try to keep each thing as easy as probable. Don’t intricate things as you will get lost in the procedure.

You have a lot to study, and as you move along, you will alter your mind about many things, so preserve your time and energy for the more intricate tasks.

Digital Marketing Bundle – an online training course that will coach you on creating money blogging using digital marketing.

Step 2: Begin publishing great content.

So, you have a website up and operating. That’s huge!

Now is the time to obtain one of the most intricate and challenging blogging tasks, which is to generate actual content for your blog.

A blog with no content is zero, a blog with average content is merely another blog in the millions of previously published blogs, a blog with good content is a Make Money Blogging Business.

It would help if you comprehended the significance from the start of your blog’s accomplishment.

Great (good, excellent, or incredible – you choose) content will acquire you traffic (we will distinguish below how), credibility, and make you money (in diverse ways).

So, what is good content?

Good blog content is not majorly text; it can be videos, images, infographics, or audio. But for the goal of attaining high rankings on Google and different search engines, your content must be chiefly text.

As I stated above, at the start, keep it easy. For good outcomes, you can gather text with other forms to generate your content more appealing.

Good content has the following characteristics:

  •  exceptional for your website (it’s not an accurate copy of a previously published post)
  •  complimentary of spelling and grammar mistakes
  •  It is significant
  •  It’s perceptive
  •  It’s impartial
  •  something that aids people to do/recognize/learn something
  •  simple to read

Don’t fret if the over list doesn’t make a lot of sense for now. As you become more skilled, you will comprehend it better.

Step 3: Put up organic traffic to your blog.

Let’s recapitulate the process so far.

Your primary step is to register your domain and put up your blog.

Your next step is to determine the topics to include in your blog and master the keyword research procedure.

How to acquire organic traffic to your blog?

Targeted organic traffic is the most excellent traffic source for your blog as it is the traffic that brings conversion.

By ‘convert, we denote the number of things:

  •  Users are more likely to stay longer on your page, reading your post
  •  subscribe to your newsletter
  •  Are more likely to enquire about your services
  •  Are more possible to purchase your products

Step 4: Build an area around your brand

Once you own a blog with good content and the traffic begins to come, your subsequent step is to create a community encompassed with your brand.

A common blunder that beginners make is passing over this step and going openly to the money-generating part, but this is not the most effective.

Before generating any sales, you primarily require acquiring the user’s trust, which is attained via community building.

Become aware that I used the term ‘brand’ and not just blog, which is done on purpose.

At this stage, you require to impede thinking about your blog as a hobby, but you must vary your mindset and move toward it like you would approach an ‘actual business.

Step 5: Begin making money by selling ads.

Did you discern how many things you require to do to acquire the money-making part?

Even though this blog post is about generating money from your blog, almost ¾ of the content is correlated to activities that come before that, and this is how blogging for money functions in real life.

As a souvenir, it is essential to comprehend that you will not create money from your blog if:

  •  sufficient organic traffic
  •  have an upright email list
  •  have an area of loyal followers.
  •  lack content that converts

Assuming that you have productively finished the above tasks, let’s see how you can construct money online and incentivize yourself for the hard work.

Step 6: Craft money by selling your products or services.

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