How to protect your skin and hair in the monsoon?

Protect your skin and hair in the monsoon

With the monsoon blues hitting us hard, it is essential to take care of everything around us. Monsoon is one such season that fills you with happy vibes and requires you to take care of yourself and protect your skin and hair a little more than usual. Seasonal changes keep you satisfied and rejuvenate you from within.

Monsoon is one such season that develops too much humidity and changes your hair and skin. Haircare and skincare are two essential things that you must look for while enjoying the monsoon season with your friends and family. You must be taking good care of your hair and skin every day, but you need to be a little more cautious in your skincare and haircare regime with a rainy season. One has to be alert during this season. 

A recent study conducted shows that most people, around 80% have hair fall problems during the monsoon season. Hence, it would help if you decked up before the monsoon approaches. 

Today in this article, we’ll be sharing some valuable tips that will help you combat the monsoon season with effective hair and skin care. These beauty tips will keep your skin glowing and hair healthy even during the monsoon season. 

• Skin Care Tips 

There is much more to take care of your skin this monsoon as dust particles quickly settle on your skin which eventually locks the pores and damages your skin. Your skin becomes dull, and its texture also changes. You tend to lose the natural charm and glow of your skin.

Here are some tips for your skincare during the monsoon season : 

1. Use a sunscreen 

Monsoon is one such season that requires you to use an adequate amount of sunscreen lotion to stay healthy and a naturally glowing flawless skin. Because the weather is cloudy outside, you might think of skipping sunscreen. But no, this isn’t a good decision on your part. You have to be extra careful this season as sunscreen works as a cover sheath against harmful UV rays. The harmful sun rays wreak and cause havoc to your skin. To solve this problem, you must use gel-based sun-resistant sunscreen before going out. 

2. Wash your face daily 

The rainy season causes damage to the skin texture as dust particles build up on the skin. Hence, cleaning your face is of utmost importance during the monsoon season. 

It would help if you did this every day without fail. You already know your skin type, and hence you must take proper measures to keep it healthy and safe. Make sure that you wash your face regularly after coming from outside as dust particles stick on your skin, and for this reason, your skin needs proper cleansing. Use a good face wash according to your skin texture and rinse off gently while washing your face. 

3. Don’t forget to exfoliate the monsoon can turn your skin texture and leave your skin damaged. It can make your skin a plethora of harmful germs, and this can cause some severe skin issues. To combat this problem, you must exfoliate regularly. Your skin needs a good scrub, and scrubbing also helps open skin pores, clean the dirt and dust particles on the skin and unlock the dead pores. For this reason, skin exfoliation is essential. 

4. Moisturise Your Skin 

When it comes to skincare, how can we forget moisturizing? A good moisturizer is a must for having radiant and flawless skin. As the monsoon season approaches, the humidity level in the atmosphere also increases significantly, and then you might feel that you do not need regular moisturizing. But you’re wrong your skin needs to be moisturized regularly. An adequate amount of moisturizing helps you to combat dead skin cells and prevent wrinkles on your skin. It also maintains the skin glow. 

• Hair Care Tips 

1. Take a balanced diet, keep it all healthy on your plate 

One of the best hacks that you can follow for having healthy hair during the monsoon season is regularly taking a balanced diet. Your hair can’t get all the essential nutrients and nourishment from the hair care products that you use. 

Even hair need a properly balanced diet in order to grow well. You must include nuts, yogurt, herbs, mixed seeds, and superfoods in your diet to maintain your hair in the monsoon season. Have vitamin-rich foods and take a good intake of nuts like almonds, walnuts, cashew nuts, etc. This diet will benefit you in all possible ways. 

2. Use Homemade Hair Masks and Homemade Remedies 

Homemade remedies for hair care and nourishment are the best. Try using homemade hair packs and masks with honey, banana, coconut, and more to get beautiful and healthy hair. Homemade masks will give your hair the proper nourishment and rejuvenation to combat all your hair-related problems.

Here are a few hair mask recipes for you : 

I. Egg + Yoghurt + Honey + Lemon 

This is one of the most trending homemade hair packs that you can easily prepare with readily available ingredients at home. Eggs are a brilliant source of protein for your hair. You can prepare this 

hair mask with one egg, a teaspoon of lemon and honey, and two teaspoons of yogurt and apply them on your hair for around half an hour. 

II. Banana + Yoghurt 

Another hair mask that you can prepare at home is with Banana and Yoghurt. Banana has multiple properties to cure all your hair-related problems. Take a banana and grind it with 2 tablespoons of yogurt. Apply this pack in your hair for around 45 mins and wash it gently. 

3. Trimming the spilled ends 

In the monsoon season, you’re likely to get more split ends, which would cause a lot of damage to your hair. It is crucial to trim down all the spilled ends to keep your hair healthy and happy.

Every time you get your hair trimmed, you get rid of the spilled lots in your hair. This is one of the pro tips to practice, especially 

during the monsoon season. 

Stay hydrated and release all your stress. 

Having a stress-free life is the key to all your problems. Even your hair is damaged if you take the stress and overthink. It’s better to practice a few de-stress therapies to release the tension and have happy and healthy hair. Also, increasing your intake of water is equally essential to combat your hair-related problems. Take at least 10-15 

glasses of water every day. Here are some de-stress therapies that you can adopt : 

  • Read your favorite book.
  • Take some off-screen time.
  • Practice healing and mediation
  • Eat your favorite cuisine or go to a favorite restaurant
  • Take a detox drink
  • Have some ‘me time. Pamper yourself at the salon.

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