How to reset the US chime spending limit?

chime spending limit

What is Chime?

Chime is a US-based financial tech company, and it does not hold its banking license. offers app-based services through FDIC-insured bank partners.

It’s not an online bank, but some may use this term for Chime. It does not hold brick-and-mortar locations and does not have a bank. It bestows financial services in an online mode.

You might obtain a debit card for free while opening your account. For instance, savings account or Chime spending. Through the highlight on saving money by paying its huge interest paid and the feeless overdraft, you hold a flexibility degree.

The Chime Credit Builder gives you an excellent chance to maintain your credit score. Chime is the best option for US people searching for an easy, secure, and low-priced method. This method will manage your savings and check transactions.

Chime advantages and disadvantages


  •  There is no requirement of minimum balance, monthly fees, and overdraft fees.
  •  It remunerates high interest and best savings alternatives.
  •  You can be paid before time through direct deposit.


  • This is accessible by US citizens.
  • Customer service is not beneficial till eternity.
  • You cannot utilize a debit card to top up and place money for the card.

Chime cost

 Opening of account and maintenance cost

For Chime, you can open the account free of cost, and maintenance also comes with no cost. There is no requirement of minimum fees, cash deposit fees, monthly maintenance fees. There is no need for minimum balance. Your online account on the website or the app handles everything.

Card amount

Chime Debit card with delivery is free of cost. Obtaining a lost card or stolen card replacement is also free of cost. This is not the same for online banks. There is no requirement of amount for global transactions with Chime card. A visa debit card is given for clients.

ATM cost

The withdrawal of money at near about 60k Chime ATMs in the Visa Plus Alliance, Allpoint, and MoneyPass networks is free of cost. Moreover, there is about a $2.50 fee for each withdrawal deal done, excluding these networks worldwide and in the US.

An outside network ATM source might have extra fees. Also, there is about a $500 every day limit on ATM withdrawals.

Transfer cost

Transferring currency from Chime spending amount to different Chime members is free of cost, and also Automated Clearing House (ACH) transfers come with no cost. Use your Chime spending account wisely. There is no possibility of global wire transfers from Chime or to Chime, provided that it is not a bank.

Moreover, there is a transfer limit while using ACH transfer known as Chime on the neobank:

  •  $10,000 for every calendar day
  •  $25,000 for every calendar month
  •  No bound to the number of times for each day 

Add upcharge

Chime holds no fee after you add money to the account using mobile checks, cash deposits at retail places such as Walmart, 7-Eleven, and Walgreens, direct deposit, bank transfer in the Chime App. Thus, monthly direct deposits are free of cost.

Chime account opening

Setting up a Chime account is very simple and quick. It hardly takes your time online or by phone, and you will have a new Chime debit card within a week.

Chime money

You can open an account just in USD for Chime. There is no wire transfer accessible for foreign transactions.

The online bank Chime considers conversion fees as foreign transactions. For instance, when you buy something and it is not denominated in USD, there are no overseas transaction fees. Throughout the app, you can have money in only 1 currency, i.e., USD.


Is your money secure at Chime? Yes, it is secure, and they hold substantial safety for your transactions.

Can you spend limitless from Chime Spending Account?

You cannot spend limitless from Chime Spending Account. Chime mobile bank has particular spending limits as different customary banks. The compacted banking configuration gives complete services as any conventional bank. It allows you to finish your transactions quickly. Through Chime, you are just a click and a few seconds away from the transaction of any payment.

If you surpass these limits, then you might get late. Thus, it is important to be aware of Chime Spending Limit and consider it before the conduction of the transaction.

The following guidelines will help you in knowing about the proper figures of the Chime Spending Limit:

Functioning of Chime Spending Account

The Chime Spending Account, generally called Chime Checking Account, aids you in obtaining payments two days early. The other advantage is that it does not cost you any overdraft fee or minimum balance. Usual direct deposits to the Chime Spending Account allow you to obtain your expenditures before various offline banks.   

Chime Spending Limit- Chime has divided its Chime spending limit into 4 various parts. They are explained explicitly below:

Over-the-Counter Withdrawals 

OTC or Over-the-Counter Withdrawals have a maximum value of $500. However, there is no maximum value to the number of times you formulate the withdrawal.

Cash Back at Point-of-Sale

Cash Back at POS has a maximum value of $500 per day.

ATM Withdrawals-

 The Chime ATM Withdrawal limit is restricted to $500 per day.

Card Purchases- 

Chime enables you to conduct card purchases up to $2500. You cannot surpass the limit.

Reset Chime Spending Limit –

 The Chime members do not have any prerequisite to reset these limits. The limits involuntarily regulate based on the time and occurrence of withdrawals.

Chime Spotme – 

Chime has an extra very suitable and exhilarating feature called the Chime Spotme. This aspect spots you in case you require any assistance to carry an expenditure. Also, this feature is accessible only under one condition- obtaining regular deposits of $500 each month.

Chime Spotme Limit – 

The Chime Spotme feature also has a limit, i.e., $20.

Reset Chime Spotme Limit – 

Chime Spotme gives you a choice to enhance your Spotme chime limit. It is an important benefit provided by Chime.

You require to keep up outstanding prior account records to get access to the feature. A chime goes through your account balance. In this manner, you can increase the Spotme Chime daily limit from $20 to $100.

How am I supposed to deposit money in a Chime account?

You can utilize the subsequent methods to add money at Chime.

  • Direct deposit from the owner.
  • Bank transfer: from the chime app or your home bank after joining it with a bank account(specific banks). Also, there is a $1000 monthly limit and a $200 limit on transfers.
  • Mobile check deposit and just in case if a direct deposit is allowed.
  • There are no cash deposit fees except the service provider costs for the transfer.

Chime Savings Account

Chime provides a saving account and is excellent in its services. Let us get to know how it is different from conventional bank services.

Through its saving services, you can simply put up an effective savings plan. On setting up an automatic savings program, there is the deposition of everything. The functionality is explained below:

The system, by default, rounds up your debit card expenditure to the approximate dollar and then deposits the rest in your savings account. For instance, if you spend $11.75, then the round figure is $12 and which denotes that 27 cents are deposited into your savings account.

The best thing about this is that if you are willing to save more than you usually save in a month, then it is pretty simple to withdraw money back into your debit card account.


The Chime neobank meets all the requirements of the current world. Through Chime, you can obtain various financial advantages and must follow its terms and conditions. You should remember the spending limits for the functioning of transactions. The limits are insubstantial. You are required to bear with these limits to obtain the accurate and best outcomes. Retain proper balance in your Chime bank account, and you will obtain money through direct deposit. By doing this, your limit would increase by default.

Therefore, you should consider Chime direct deposit limit. Chime neobank takes care of your financial problems. It bestows you imposing services on 1 platform itself. You should keep in mind what are your targets and then a bank with Chime. If you reside in the US and are willing to save money with a good annual percentage production, then Chime is the best. It helps you maintain your credit score. You can look for other options if it is not suitable to you. Don’t forget that it is a neobank which is a financial institute in an online mode. If you are looking for a bank for the fintech world, then Chime stands out at the front for being innovative.

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