How To Start A Blog Website in 2021

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Blogging is trending and gaining popularity as many bloggers are influencing this world with their fantastic ideas written artistically and creatively. Blogging is a way to explore the world of knowledge. Those who are curious enough to know more and tell more are on the right path if they are planning to be a blogger. If you are one of them, you are most welcome here as this written piece is for you. 

Here are some specific points or tips that are to be followed by future bloggers, and that is you and absolutely you. Please read it thoroughly and start writing your blogs.

First of all, let us know some characteristics of blogging. 

  • Blogging can help you become a better person and writer.
  • You can make a lot of money with your blog. It is the best part of it. 
  • So, what are your plans? If you want to start a blog, read this article thoroughly.

After reading this written piece, I am confident that you will start a blog and earn money online. The steps you need to take with care are as follows: 

First of all, select what type of blog page you want to start. If it is a WordPress blog, then these three things are essential.

Your blog’s domain name is essentially the extension name of your blog, i.e.,, A Web Hosting platform. Web hosting is simply the storage of your files or databases, as well as the location where your website will be stored on the internet. Your determination Yes, it is the most critical factor that you need to show a determined mindset and work consistently on it. Well, there are various steps to start a blog. We will read them one by one.

 Select a topic for writing. 

Pay considerable attention to this first and foremost important point. I hope you are not going to write your blog on random topics. You will prove yourself as a jack of all trades but master of none by doing so. This strategy would not work in 2021. It is absolute and would not get traffic. Your blogging should be about a single strain or flow about a single subject. Now, that is your creativity that.

How are you going to provide the different aspects of that domain of knowledge? So, select your Blog Website writing topic very carefully and make sure you are confident about that topic and there are ample readers for that. Do not write about different topics instead, write differently about a single topic. 

Find a blogging platform. 

There are numerous blogging systems available, and people have different perspectives on each. The WordPress platform is where the majority of bloggers begin their blogging careers.WordPress is well-liked since it is simple to use. Here’s an intriguing fact: WordPress powers 37% of all websites on the internet.

Get a domain name

 In layman terms, your domain name is your web address for your blog that the visitors would use to access it. For instance, go to A custom domain name is something like, which costs $12 per year. However, I’ve included a tip below that will save you $12 on your name purchase. There are a few guidelines that will assist you in selecting the perfect name for your new blog. Above everything things, choose domain name. Your domain name should be simple to enter and pronounce. Make sure your domain name does not lead the listener astray. In my opinion, the name of your site is quite essential. You can also have a domain name in your name, which is ideal for a personal portfolio or establishing a brand. 

Web hosting.

Once you have decided on a domain name, the most crucial considerations you need to make is which hosting provider will choose. This is the most common duty in which newcomers make errors. Choosing a Blog Website hosting provider isn’t enough! You must select the best WordPress hosting company for your blog because your website’s database and files will be stored on a web server. You can start with BlueHost’s Basic Shared Hosting Plan if you’re a novice. 

Design your blog. 

The first impression is the last. Remember this quote while thinking about the design of your blog. Design is essential because a good design ensures that your visitors will enjoy your site. It is the most significant part of your blog. That is actually how you impress your readers with design. Consider your blog design to be you dressed up in great attire. WordPress has a notion known as “WordPress themes.” These are premade blog templates that may be used for any blog.

Install WordPress.

You have a well-chosen topic, and a platform is ready. Your Blog Website hosting is connected with your domain, and you have designed it well. Now, it’s time to install WordPress to start writing your blog and influence the world. But, but, but, wait; you need a lot of patience. 

Start writing your blog.

So far, you’ve chosen a domain name, a hosting Blog Website, and a blog theme, and you’re all set to launch. Your structure is now complete. The time has finally come for you to start blogging. You must first learn how to write a blog post. Any beneficial material that you share with readers on the internet is referred to as “content.” It must be something worthwhile for people to interact with and return for more.

 The WordPress CMS is set up so that your material can be published as Posts or Pages. Make sure you fill in all of the significant static pages with the material before publishing posts (day-to-day writing) on your blog (such as About us, Contact, etc.). Generating blog articles is very similar to creating pages in WordPress. On the other hand, WordPress allows you to choose categories and tags for blog posts but not for pages.

 Follow the 3Ps formula to write your Blog Website. First of all, you need to point out what you have in your brain. Meaning your main topic should be stated. Then prove it with a simple example. Then state a way to execute your idea or point in reality. That is how you perform the task. The 3Ps are about Point, Prove, Perform.

To start a blog may seem complex and confusing, but it is not a reality. General computer skills and understanding of network, SEO, traffic, domain, and hosting are crucial. The most important thing is at last tour content choose whatever style or manner and topic or them. But make sure you have great words to write about. Write passionately and follow the above-stated or listed points or tips to be a blogger of the 21st century. 

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