How to start designing your learning experiences?

learning experiences

Learning experience design, I.e. LX design, is the procedure of generating learning experiences.

facilitate the learner to attain the desired learning consequence in a goal familiarized and human-centered approach. Understanding experience design is influenced in a variety of various design disciplines with the field of learning. Major design principles employed in LXD arise from user experience design, game design, graphic design, interaction design, and much more. These design principles are an amalgamation of elements of training and development, experimental learning, cognitive psychology, educational sciences, neuroscience, and instructional design.

To get a good understanding of LX design, it’s simple to break things down into small elements: design, learning, and experience. These parts are somewhat understandable, and jointly they make us aware of what LX design is.


Everything we study arises from designing our learning experiences. As stated before, an experience is any circumstance you experience that takes huge time and gives a feeling. These experiences don’t need to occur in an educational environment such as school. They can happen at home, in the office, outside, or anywhere.

Not each experience is as educational as the subsequent one. Some experiences can be monotonous or irritating. Luckily, we have all gone through experiences that were too educational and will endure for a long time. The chief quality of a good LX designer is being capable of designing such good experiences. 

Technology enables teachers to generate environments where student interest can aid to enhance the learning experiences. This sounds good theoretically, but what about practically?

Here is a multi-step procedure that can utilize in a history classroom.

Speed Search

In the primary class period where the unit is made familiar, have students engage 12-15 minutes working insets on a device to get all the info concerning the unit. For instance, if the unit contains the New deal and great depression, provide students with the broad parameters to start their speed search. Let each pair create a list of topics of interest disclosed in their search and post their info to a Google Document or class blog with source citations compiled. After the set period as a class and start generating categories and themes for the unit of study, sorting the info as students examine and divulge what they found out. Show the Google document for the class to see and for the teacher to aid stimulate the conversion of concepts and great ideas. 

Conclusion by Debate

Let students shift to a new partner to participate in a debate for the topics given to study. Provide students 3 minutes for this exchange. Then have every pair share out with the class, which can rank the topics by interest.

Major Characters

According to the themes generated with the class, let students work with a partner for 12-15 minutes to research which main individuals and players may be included in the theme. For instance, if the topic is concerned with the New deal and Great Depression, the main individuals may comprise Eleanor Roosevelt, Franklin, Huey Long. Every pair should determine which individual is most engrossing and willing to study. At the period conclusion, let students get a new partner and share the info to see if there is crossover in means by which individuals emerged as influential figures. Also, every pair should post their info with sources into the Google document.

Teams and Themes

Get the class together to share the list of individuals. Get to know that if students can govern those individuals into some of the unit themes generated in the first activity.

Analyzing outlooks

At this stage, the class can halt to look at all of the original info contained. The teacher can then converse about sources and how, where, and why the class assembled list looks. Which sources did students utilize to get their info? YouTube, Wikipedia, or another source? The class can have a conversation in a way it blends its information. This also gives the teacher valuable data and feedback from which to structure the unit of study by observing the requirement sustains to widen the class outlook and the concentration of student search.

Directing Co-Creation

By the verdict of this first class, the students and teacher have created a framework for the unit of study. The teacher requires to search into the info created by the major class pieces or important individuals removed from the student lists. At the beginning of the second class period, the teacher can talk to the framework for the unit, injecting new info that requires to be added to widen outlook and point of view, which are important skills for a history classroom.

Point of View

The teacher can give every student to play the part of a historical character throughout the unit of study, with the charge of turning into a professional. Every student can assigned with assessing a source document concerned to the individual and retaining the viewpoint of the historical character.

Once these parts have been tasked, the class can generate a seating treaty to deduce which like-minded characters should sit nearby each other or at a similar workstation. This generates an intriguing opportunity for student dialogue that will start to get them thinking about their point of view. As the unit of study proceeds, with new info studied, the class can immerse in this exercise to observe if the seating arrangement requires to be amended.

Anatomy of a Buy-In

The class now prepared to get into the unit of study. The class has generated a list of sources at the onset, with the teacher enhancing other sources. Instead of a top-down approach, emphasizing every student to be the agent in the learning experiences. Have you attempted to co-create the framework for a unit of study with your pupils? What steps did you consider, and how did the procedure function for you?



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