Know Everything About Yoast SEO plugin

Yoast SEO plugin

What is Yoast SEO Plugin?

Yoast SEO is a WordPress plugin for optimizing the website for the search engine. Besides this, it aids in optimizing the websites on the page such as meta description tag, bread crumb, keyword tag, meta title tag, optimization of the content(interlinking, keyword density), to rank the websites effortlessly on the search engine.

How to constitute YOAST SEO Plugin in Your WordPress Website? 

After installation and activation of the Yoast SEO plugin on the WordPress website, a new menu is there in the dashboard of the website. In this, the plugin settings can be custom-made. Further, you will get to know about the menus of the YOAST SEO plugin and how you will be able to customize these settings.

1. General

2. Search Appearance

3. Social

4. Tools


General is the primary tab in the Yoast plugin. In this, there are alternatives such as integrations, webmaster tools, dashboards, and features.



In this part, the entire info concerning the plugin is accessible via notification. Besides that, the alternative of choosing a direct plugin configuration is accessible.

  •   Features

Through the features section of the Yoast SEO plugin, you can take the help of Yoast for SEO analysis, text link counter, readability analysis, and different options.

Webmaster tools 

In the last tab of the General section, there is a webmaster tool. The website can be tested by various search engine webmasters through this tool.

Search Appearance

The second tab after the general section is Search Appearance, and in that, there are 6 sub-tabs.

  • General

You can choose the title separator for your webpage and post. Besides that, we can generate a schema tag and determine the concerned person and the company.

  • Content Types

In search appearance, the second tap is the content type. Through this, you can determine if you are willing to demonstrate the pages and posts of your website in the search engine result. Through the following option, you can choose regarding SEO recommendation.

  • Media & attachment URLs

After the content type in the search, appearance tax, media, and attachment URLs is the third tab. The motive of this tab is during an upload of the image in WordPress, and it generates a different attachment URL as these pages are vacant. There is no point in indexing them.

  • Taxonomies

Taxonomies are the next tab after Media. There is an alternative to write meta tags for categories and tags through this. You can block categories and tags and index them in search engine results.

  • Archives

There are settings concerned with displaying the author of the website in the search engine result page in this tab.

Breadcrumbs settings

Breadcrumbs are the navigation menu of the website. They enhance the user experience, search engine crawl of the website. 

How Does the YOAST SEO Plugin assist in Optimization of Website SEO?

After the installation of the Yoast SEO plugin, it begins appearing in all the pages and the posts. This plugin examines blogs and webpages and provides recommendations for optimization of the SEO factors such as meta tags length, schema tag, focus keyword, and content readability.

Besides this, through the Yoast SEO plugin, several mandatory works can be conducted simply, such as generating an open graph, creating breadcrumb, examining the search console(webmaster), blocking posts and pages, and indexing.

The below-mentioned features of Yoast SEO can help you in optimization of the website for the search engine and will be able to monitor search engine ranking enhancement.

  • Focus on Keyword or keyphrases

Focus keyphrase or keyword means the keyword that you are willing to target in the web blog or your webpage, or it means that you are willing to rank your post and website, and the webpage is about a similar key phrase.

  • Google Preview

In this part, Yoast provides a preview for both desktop and mobile devices and notifies about the look of the website in search engines after indexing. Through this Google preview tool, we can optimize the length of our description and title and be cautious that our description and title do not cut in the search engine result and CTA is used properly in it.

  • Canonical Tag

After installation of the Yoast SEO plugin, there is a canonical tag by default for all posts and pages. If we are willing to pass any post and page its value, then we may conduct it effortlessly through Yoast SEO. 

  • Nofollow and Noindex selection

Yoast SEO provides the alternative if we are willing to display our website on the search engine or not. It also provides the option for nofollow the links present in the webpage and post. All can be conducted simply through this plugin.

  • Content Readability 

In this part, YOAST SEO aids in enhancing the content of a post and webpage. YOAST SEO Plugin utilizes its algorithm to decide the content quality. There are several factors for this algorithm that YOAST SEO provides recommendations for enhancing the content.


Everything of Yoast SEO tools is covered in this blog. From the installation of the YOAST SEO plugin to its setting of configuration, a proper understanding of the Yoast SEO plugin is required. I hope everything is clear from the above blog about YOAST SEO Plugin and how to incorporate it into WordPress Website.



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