Know the new features of Google maps wildfire layer, tree coverage insight and new address maker app.

New features of Google maps 3

New features of Google maps 3 are very advanced, and they are gaining popularity though they have just been introduced in October only. It isn’t easy to decide which one is a more beneficial feature of Google maps. Though they are for different uses and comparison is not possible. According to a source, Address Maker is already being used by governments and non-governmental organisations in Gambia, Kenya, India, South Africa, and the United States.

Google Maps is known for its convenience and for introducing new features regularly to facilitate users’ experience. It has made my solo journey not only easy but also enjoyable. It is like a guiding force to make our way. Now, when two roads diverge in yellow woods or on the road, we do not get confused, but with the help of Google Maps, choose the right one. Google map has introduced features like Google map street view and Google map direction. We all have used these fascinating features of Google maps. Today, we are concerned about three new features of Google maps. They are as follows. 

 new features of Google maps 3 –

  1. Wildfire layer.
  2. Tree canopy insight or tree coverage insight.
  3. Address maker App
  • Wildfire layer

Last year Google maps introduced a feature of wildfire boundary map, which was very useful. It aids in determining the rough size and location of fires emitted by their devices. The wildfire layer will display information about multiple fires at the same time. When the feature is available on your Google Maps app, you can see important details about a fire by tapping on it (red areas with pins), such as its containment, the number of acres burned, and when the details were last reported.

The expansion of the wildfire boundary map is a new feature of the new wildfire layer. Google Maps will receive a new update called wildfire layer, which will allow users to check for wildfires and gain access to improved navigation. Users can see the most recent details about multiple fires at once with the wildfire layer feature, allowing them to make informed decisions during an emergency. The feature will operate using satellite data. 

  • Tree canopy insight or tree coverage insight.

Google is also introducing Tree Canopy Insights to track green cover and identify areas most vulnerable to rising temperatures. In the first half of 2022, Tree Canopy Insights will be available in over 100 cities worldwide, including Guadalajara, London, Sydney, and Toronto. The Tree Canopy Insights application employs aerial visual and advanced AI (Artificial Intelligence) capabilities to recognise heat islands (areas devoid of green cover) that are at significant risk of rising temperatures. According to Google, local governments can use the free Tree Canopy data to learn where to plant trees to increase shade and lower the heat. Google tested this feature in Los Angeles. 

  • Address maker App

To identify locations without formal addresses, the platform is releasing an Address Maker app. Google Maps is assisting people who live in areas without proper addresses with the new free Address Maker app. People can now use the open course system called Plus Codes to create unique, functional addresses from an Android app using the free Address Maker app. The six-digit codes will be searchable and navigable on Google Maps. Address Maker assists businesses in assigning addresses and adding missing roads. According to the company, address Maker is already being used by governments and non-governmental institutions in Gambia, Kenya, India, South Africa, and the United States. 

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  • Google maps planning of the features.

 all of the new 3 features that Google Maps brings to its users in a blog post on Wednesday, September 29. Google Maps enlisted the assistance of the National Interagency Fire Center (NIFC) to improve the feature’s details. Google says it plans to expand the data to include more countries, beginning with Australia later this year. Starting this week, the Wildfire layer will be available to Google Maps users worldwide on Android. It will be available to iOS and desktop users beginning in October. 

In short, these features are very new and have been introduced recently. The wildfire layer, tree canopy and address maker app are available in Android and iOS and laptops too. With the wildfire layer, you can get speed information about various fires simultaneously. The ability to make quick informed choices in an emergency. Tree Canopy Insights uses aerial views and advanced AI capabilities to identify areas of a city that are most vulnerable to rapidly rising temperatures. Tree canopy data has become an essential component of the city’s long-term goal of increasing tree shade by at least 50% by 2028. These organizations can now use the open-source Plus Codes system. It’s used to create unique, functional addresses at scale, right from an Android app, thanks to the new free Address Maker app. 

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