MS vs. MBA: Differences and which one you should choose!


We all know the importance of a Master’s degree in today’s competitive world. A Master’s degree can make you eligible for ample job opportunities and help you acquire extensive knowledge and skills through various projects and internship programs. When pursuing post-graduation, the most popular degrees that come to mind are MBS (Master of Business Administration) and MS (Master of Science).
In this blog article, we will discuss the various career options, opportunities, and scope after pursuing these degrees and compare the difference between MS and MBA, and what’s the best for you, MBA vs MS.

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Master of Business Administration or MBA is one of the most popular post-graduate courses that most people from technical or non-technical fields pursue. As its name suggests, it teaches you the nuances of running a business from both macro and micro perspectives. An MBA program typically lasts anywhere from 10 months to 24 months – a 10-month to 15-month MBA is generally referred to as an accelerated program, while a 24-month program is referred to as full-time. Some broad specializations in an MBA course include finance, marketing, human resources, operations, etc.

There is also an executive MBA program that requires prior work experience and is of a shorter duration. The MBA program structure is designed to improve your strategic thinking, communication, time management, networking, and creativity and build an impressive CV.


There are many types of MBA degrees. Some popular options are full-time, i.e. two-year MBA programs, Post Graduate Diploma in Management, Flexible MBA, Part-time MBA, Executive MBA (EMBA) etc. You can choose the kind that best suits your purpose and aptitude.

Each institution has its minimum eligibility criteria, so it is best to visit its website to see if you meet the requirements or not before submitting your application. Most often, you will need documents like your past merits, resume, LOR (letter of recommendation), and experience certificate. Some institutions may also ask for specific GRE/GMAT scores to select you for an interview. For the EMBA, you must demonstrate work experience of 2-4 years.

Career scope

A Master of business administration degree opens the door to various opportunities. It focuses on your overall development and provides a range of specializations, making MBA graduates the first
choice of all employers. Given today’s dynamic environment where most jobs want candidates to be multi-taskers, MBA graduates consistently have the edge over others.

Master of Science (MS)

A Master of Science is a master’s degree awarded by universities or colleges for study in a specific field of science, technology, mathematics, etc. It is usually an academic degree higher than a bachelor’s degree and lower than a doctoral (P.hD) degree. The course is generally attended by students most interested in careers in research and the academic industry in both the government and private sectors. In India, M.Sc degrees usually are related to the science field, while in the UK and USA, M.Sc degrees are for all science, engineering, and technology programs.


M.Sc is a two-year course with four semesters. Students can take this course after graduation. Students must score at least 55% on the qualifying exam. There are no age limit criteria for this course; anyone can study this course after graduation. You can do it after the stage.

Career Scope

After completing your bachelor’s degree, you can continue with a master’s degree in natural sciences. It is the best choice for graduate students in biological sciences. The scope of an M.Sc is very demanding, and after completing the program with good marks, you can get a decent job in this field. Various specializations can be studied in the master’s program. In each domain, opportunities are available in the medical, chemical, petrochemical, and polymer industries. After completing a master’s in science, you can go for research studies in top organizations like BAARC, ISRO, etc. You can also work in various technical and non-technical positions in the government and private sectors.

Difference between MS and MBA (MBA Vs MS)

MBA Vs MS are two very different postgraduate degrees in two various fields. If we compare the two, then these two have other eligibility criteria, career scope, subjects, focus, and everything. We can’t define MBA Vs MS or which is better. You Know both degrees are superior and should be pursued per the candidate’s choice, interests and qualifications. We have listed some significant differences between MS and MBA or MBA Vs MS.

List some significant differences between MS and MBA

1. Skills-focussed:

MBA is more focused on management and entrepreneurial skills, whereas MS focuses on technical skills in the desired industry category.

2. Duration of the course:

The duration of an MBA differs from institute to institute; usually, an MBA degree duration varies from one to two years. For MS, the period of time is set at two years.

3. Professional Experience:

MBA demands work experience. Usually, for MBA, two to five years of work experience is required, and for an executive MBA minimum of 5 years of experience is required. This is not the case with MS; anyone with or without experience can pursue MS.

4. Work opportunities:

After MBS, you can work in various business verticals like finance, HR, marketing, and others. After MS, you can work in the specific field you chose or specialize in during your program.

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