Popular activities, games, and project ideas for your English class

Popular activities, games, and project ideas for your English class

Popular activities, games, and project ideas

We belong to a generation where we often come across the English language through newspapers, surfing the Internet, and watching TV. However, disclosure in ideas for your English class is not enough to fully comprehend the language, and more effort required.

Educating English as a secondary language is a tough job. You must engross learners in education and guide them to obtain the paramount outcome. Educators around the globe have come up with many methods to stimulate and enhance learning. Nonetheless, several old approaches have vanished over time. Most of them were monotonous and not appealing to students. Also, many students felt worried and pressured while understanding the language.

What means can the learning language process be easy?

To make English language learning simple, we bring you some prominent, fast, simple, and fun ESL projects and activities that you can incorporate into your lessons; for learners of all ages- Teenagers, adults, and kids.

ESL based Activities for children

What is Blowing off?

There are some excellent games where the teacher writes down a few vocabulary words on the blackboard or keeps cards on the blackboard and may sketch pictures. Then, they tell the pupils to come in front of the class and start memorizing all the cards one by one. Then, move around so they cannot observe the board, and at that time, the teacher erases one of the words. After that, ask students to turn back and ask them about missing cards. The first student to answer it correctly obtains a point. By using cards, you can give the card to the pupil to maintain the score.


Hangman is a brilliant ESL children’s game so that your learners can do spelling skills and vocabulary. The teacher chooses one pupil and tells them to imagine a word, then adds up the number of letters in a word, and afterward portrays an underscore dash on the blackboard for every letter present.

Then, teachers ask other students to fill in the letters from the alphabet that they believe will be missing in the selected word. If they guess correctly, the related underscore is stated above, and other students obtain an opportunity to think the word. The gist of this game is to think of the term before an entire stick form is drawn off.

Alphabet Relay

As its name says, it is associated with the alphabet. Split your students into two groups to play these ideasĀ for your English class. Tell each group to write the alphabet letters on a piece of paper on which you provide them to create vocabulary cards. Have every grouping stay in a line across the room. After being told to go, the initial student in every lineup must jog across the room, get the letter A and give it back to their group. The subsequent student comes up with the letter B. The first team to come on Z wins.

Singing Songs

We are already aware that the song is a suitable reminder device for new vocabulary. The outstanding instance to utilize a piece after the language explains. The Internet has bestowed us with diverse songs, and you can use them as per your needs.

Simon Says

Simon Says is excellent and prominent among teenagers. It does not matter if you wake them up on a Tuesday morning or get them home on a Saturday afternoon. The last, with no hesitation, will amuse them, and they need more.

This game is excellent for hearing comprehension; Vocabulary, Warming up/winding down class.

During this game, teachers regard themselves like Simon and stand in front of the classroom, execute an action, and speak. Simon says with action, and the pupils are anticipated to facsimile what they do. This is recited by selecting diverse procedures to participate in this game, teachers can be as crazy as they like, and the crazier they are, the more the kids will adore them. After that, do an action but this time do it without Simon says. The one who does the action is out of the game and needed to sit down. The champion is the ultimate applicant. To make things tougher, teachers can pace things gift kids for their best behavior by enabling them to proceed as Simon.

ESL Lesson Activities & Ideas for Teens and Adults

Just English!

English is just a kind of game where learners asked to converse in English the entire time. Teachers have a record on the blackboard for every time a learner speaks in his or her mother tongue. These aids stay the concentration on English speaking and friends ever turn into ideas for your English class

Continuous Story

This is an exceptionally fascinating game in which learners set a circle; you can conduct this by having the class into minor groups or have the entire class as a group. Then, select one person they need to interview. It might be anyone of their preference, a popular individuality, and a pal or family associate.

Interview Pop

Constructed for intermediate to developed pupils, Interview Pop is a tremendous ESL activity for pupils to have entertainment and be innovative. To start, put learners in sets or smaller groups or select a particular student.

Then, invite students to elect one person they need to interview. It can be anybody of their preference, a famous identity, and a companion or family member.



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