Reasons to buy an Electric Car

Electric Car

A way back to nature….

Electric car can be a boon for the environment, can’t they? Apart from many advantages, I think this is the best aspect of electric cars. As we know the world is fighting against global warming and I think that global warming is an even bigger problem than pandemics. Electric cars are the future and are being appreciated a lot by people. 

Let us abide by a few statistics 

  • Arvind Kejriwal, the Chief Minister of Delhi, recently unveiled the state’s own “Electric Vehicle Policy.” The government will provide an additional incentive of up to Rs 1,50,000 for the purchase of electric vehicles in the national capital as well as relinquish the road tax and registration fee for the next three years under the new policy.
  • Karnataka is the first state to implement the policy related to Electric Car vehicles and it is promoting the use of eco-friendly cars as much as possible.
  • Andhra Pradesh is also on the list and has implemented this policy as per their conditions. According to the policy, Andhra Pradesh will have one lakh slow or fast-charging stations, ten lakh EVs, and by 2024, all types of government vehicles, including those used by government entities, boards, and ambulances, will be transitioned to EVs only.  
  • Kerala intends to have one million Electric Car on the road by 2022, and 6,000 e-buses by 2025.
  • In February 2021, the Union Budget announced the Vehicle Scrappage Policy. It intends to minimize India’s dependence on imported oil by continuing to increase the deployment of new fuel-efficient vehicles, as well as to reduce environmental and noise pollution, improve road and vehicle safety by reducing unnecessary, unsafe, and unreliable vehicles, and increase the availability of low-cost recycled inputs for OEMs such as plastic, steel, aluminium, steel, rubber, and electronics.

You should buy an electric car or hybrid car because. 

  • Low Maintenance Cost
  • Electric car are noiseless
  • Easily Chargeable
  • Convenient and smooth driving experience
  • Environment friendly
  • Higher resale value. 
  • Evs are indeed more comfortable. 
  • Adds From Government

Low Maintenance Cost on electric car

The cost of maintenance is reduced to the lowest while you drive an electric vehicle. As you know already the price of fuel is increasing and it is becoming difficult to maintain a petrol or diesel car for a common man. This isn’t the case with hybrid cars as electricity is cheaper than gas. 

EVs are noiseless

Electric vehicles are driven with silent majesty. You can read a book and do the work with high concentration as there is no sound of their own in electric cars. There is no engine to make a sound which if excessive can be disturbing. The EVs are for peace lovers. They are so silent that manufacturers have to create a bit of false noise for the sake of pedestrian safety. In terms of usefulness, an EV can always have a much more comfortable ride due to its silent operating condition, regardless of how quiet the cabin of a car with an engine is.

Easily Chargeable

You must have seen the crowds that appear suddenly at petrol pumps during peak hours. Also, stopping to refuel your car while on your way to work can cause you to be late. In this case, EVs have a considerable advantage in that you can simply plug in your vehicle at home for 4-5 hours and you are ready to go without delay. If you own an EV, you can use your home as a petrol pump! The only disadvantage, in this case, is that you may forget to plug in your machine at some point! EVs now have fast charging capabilities, allowing them to charge in as little as 60 minutes!

Convenient and smooth driving experience

All-electric vehicles are gearless, beginning with an electric scooter and progressing to an electric bus. Yes, because you don’t have to operate the gear mechanisms, EVs are a joy to drive. You only need to use a set of buttons or pedals to increase or decrease the speed, and that’s it! If you believe that an automatic petrol/diesel car can provide you with the same level of comfort, consider the following benefits of purchasing an EV. Continue reading!

Environment friendly

There is no fossil fuel emission in Electric cars. As we know fossil fuel emission in the form of petroleum is very harsh for nature and adds to global warming. The EVs are eco-friendly vehicles as they do not emit any kind of harmful substances to the environment. Neither they have sound and that makes EVs good for noise pollution. These are the promoters of eco-friendly ness. These are the reasons that out of 28 approximately 12 or 14 Indian states are going to make policies for EVs or are thinking of increasing the use of hybrid cars and promoting the EVs in one way or another. 

Higher resale value. 

I know you are just planning to buy only. To sell it is a farthing but professionally you know that the resale value of a vehicle is one of the most important considerations before buying. See, there is ample uncertainty about the EVs people who are planning to buy these after being attracted to the other advantages the used Electric Car seem appealing to them. They have less wear and tear for the same use as compared to petrol vehicles. This is how the resale value of EVs are high. 

Evs are indeed more comfortable. 

The comfort of the Electric Car is awesome and the first best thing is it’s being spacious and light. There is no gear lever and there is extra leg space. The rear section of the cabin has a flat floor, so passengers in the middle can enjoy the ride to the fullest! As there is no engine this time, storage options expand. There may be storage options in the front under the hood. When compared to engines, motors and batteries take up very little space.

Adds From Government

For promoting the environmental well being and to decrease the harsh effect of global warming or green horse geese government has decided to decrease the use of petrol cars as they are not good for the environment and. The government is appreciating those who are buying hybrid cars and providing them with good facilities such as incentives. Less road tax, less registration fee, discount on the interest of car loan. As Above mentioned the government of Delhi is providing 1.5 lakh rupees as an incentive for hybrid car buyers. 

In a nutshell, it can be said that hybrid cars are the future of the world. It seems that there will be a considerable increment in the number of hybrid cars and the number of petrol cars will reduce. We have studied the official data and have known about the technical issues and advantages related to hybrid cars. The two most important factors for this remarkable change is cost-effectiveness and environment-friendly ness. Say whatever may the environment is an important consideration for all of us and the state government, union government and the government of other nations.

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