Scroll bar in Chrome creating constant problems? Here are the top solutions for Google chrome scrolling.


Let’s fix the scrolling issues. 

Google Chrome is the most popular browser, and It’s loaded with features and offers a pleasant user experience. Scrolling vertically and horizontally is a significant part of the experience, but what if the Mouse wheel in Chrome fails to work one day? This is an unusual situation. Are you concerned about Chrome Scrollbar Not Working and how to resolve Chrome Scrollbar Not Working?

You ended up saying you can’t scroll in Chrome as the scroll bar was not working correctly. Are you fed up with scroll bars, not working issues? It is pretty standard for some users to encounter a mouse scroll not working issue while using Google Chrome, whereas it works flawlessly on other search engines. When you minimize Chrome, mouse scrolling will sometimes start working again. This Google Chrome scrolling issue must be resolved to continue using Chrome as smoothly as before.   

We are going to read about two main variables, and do you know what they are? 

A).  The causes of scrolling, not working issues. 

B). The solutions of the scroll bar, not working issues. 

This is to be noted that the scroll bar in Chrome often stops working, which is a particular problem related to the chrome browser. There is no problem with your mouse. Please stop tapping it unnecessarily. Now, we should study first for our scrolling, not working issues, and make a habit of saying can’t scroll in Chrome a thing of the past. We should start with causes first to know our problem to eradicate them. 

The Cause of the scroll bar in Chrome, not working issues. 

It isn’t easy to search for anything in Chrome when your mouse can’t scroll. There are numerous reasons for this, which we have discussed in detail below:

  • Google Chrome Scrolling may stop at any time.

When you launch Google Chrome, the mouse scrolls ideally, but it abruptly stops in a fraction of a second. It’s a fairly common problem that can be quickly resolved with some basic troubleshooting.

  • In Chrome, infinite scrolling does not work.

When there are bugs in Google Chrome, it affects the mouse’s scrolling performance. If your mouse only works in Google Chrome, it means there is a problem with the Google Chrome files.

  • Extensions

Many mouse control extensions affect Chrome’s smooth scrolling. As a result, it is critical to download only trustworthy extensions and disconnect any extension that causes such problems.

  • Mouse Scrolling is disrupted in Google Chrome in Windows 10.

Windows 10 necessitates updates regularly. Some settings, along with mouse scrolling, may stop working if an update is missing or the version of Windows is out of date.

Top 5 Chrome Browser Scrolling Issue Solutions (Can’t Scroll In Chrome)

Now we are going to solve our problem. Let us read how to cope up with these problems and remove them. So here are some solutions for the above given minor problems. 

  • Browser Extension Can Be Disabled Or Deleted

To resolve the Chrome Scrollbar Not Working issue, you may need to delete a few extensions one by one and test.

  • Launch a small Incognito window in Chrome by simply clicking the three-dotted menu button at the top right corner, then scrolling. Check to see if the mouse scrolling problem is still present.
  • If scrolling works, the issue is most likely due to browser extensions. In that case, you must select the Chrome menu option. Select More tools, followed by Extensions.
  • To turn an extension grey and disable it, use the blue slider next to it.
  • Try a Chrome Reset

For some, resetting Chrome is not an option, but is there any other option when all other options have been exhausted? Extreme circumstances necessitate extreme measures, and the final option is to reset Chrome. So, if you want to reinstall Chrome, go to:

  • Navigate to the browser’s Settings menu.
  • Choose the Advanced option.
  • Clean up by clicking Reset.
  • Select Restore settings to their original defaults from the options menu.
  • In advanced settings, reset the settings to their original defaults.
  • Chrome will display a warning message informing you of what you are about to do. If you want to reset the Chrome browser, click the blue reset settings button.
  • Scroll Inactive Windows Can Be Enabled And Disabled

There are a few steps to do this, and they are beneficial too. 

  • From the System Settings menu, go to Devices > Mouse & Touchpad.
  • Disable the option to Scroll Inactive Windows.
  • After a few seconds, re-enable it.
  • Disable Smooth Scrolling

Turning off and deactivating smooth scrolling may also help to resolve the scrolling issue for some users. To try this option, navigate to Chrome’s experimental features section. In the search box, type chrome:/flags. When you enter “smooth scrolling,” the option will be highlighted in yellow. Select “Disabled” from the drop-down menu on the right.

  • Restart your browser

Is Chrome’s scroll wheel still broken? This is a simple potential solution for various Chrome issues, such as Windows 10 crashes and Chrome going dark. Close all open tabs in your browser to accomplish this. After you’ve finished, restart Chrome to see if the previously missing Chrome scrollbar has reappeared.

In a nutshell, you have a faulty scroll bar meaning the scroll bar, not working issues. You don’t need to end up saying you can’t scroll in Chrome. Just pay attention to the problems and their causes. They are a common problem frequently occurring while using Chrome. Sometimes the most unusual approaches to a problem can solve it. A restart is sometimes sufficient, but other times you will need to use the browser’s experimental features. As a result, the options listed above should suffice to resolve the Chrome Scrollbar Not Working issue. 



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