The easy ways to enjoy drive-in CNG vehicle

enjoy drive-in CNG vehicle

Let’s drive for the sake of nature….

It has begun to be clear that there will be a considerable growth of CNG vehicles shortly. As the world has seen the worst condition of the environment due to global warming, and the harsh effect of greenhouse gases has alarmed the world. The CNG is in the first place eco-friendly and not harmful to nature.

Secondly, it makes our nation less dependent on oil imports. The less we import oil, the more it would be good for the nature and economy of the nation. The government is tirelessly working to establish 10,000 CNG gas stations which are at present only approximately 1400. Attaining this benchmark would be a sign of less dependency on oil, and the Indian government has planned to achieve it by 2030. CNG is nature friendly as well as pocket friendly.

It is almost 30% cheaper than petrol. As the price of petrol is as high as the sky, the CNG seems like a better replacement. You can save up to 50% on fuel expenses by driving a CNG vehicle. The contribution to the goodness of nature cannot measured in any unit.

Though it is eco-friendly and cost-saving

CNG is a good replacement for petrol or diesel engine vehicles. But nothing can replace the maintenance. Maintenance of vehicles is very either CNG or petrol is vital and done at regular intervals. You just changed the spark plug or cleaned the air filter and think that the work done. No, it is not the case. The engine of both types of vehicles works in the same way.

The difference between the two is storage efficiency and the average. But do remember the proper maintenance is a must for smooth driving or a vehicle.

Well, below are some tips to drive a CNG car flawlessly for the good maintenance of the car.

CNG kit installation

Before talking about the kit it is to noted that the work of installation is to done by the professionals only. Do not brag about yourself, and it’s a car, not the kitchen where you enter just to impress your wife. It advised that buying a company-fitted CNG kit would be the best thing to do. But in other cases, you are replacing your petrol engine car with CNG, which is a good option but do not forget to take help from a professional. It may cost you around 10,000 to 15,000 INR only. Apart from it, do you check if your petrol car is good enough to transform into a CNG one? Take attention to the warranty things too. By following this, you can keep CNG a car in good condition.

For flow less driving, petrol first and CNG letter.

You don’t need to confuse, and there is a technical issue which is to consider very important to save car engine from wear and tear. Since CNG is fitted in the combustor in a gaseous form, it does not allow the gasoline to move to the cylinders, which can cause engine wear and tear. To drive on CNG, it is advised to drive on petrol for at least two to three kilometers as it would warm up the engine then you can drive on CNG. There is a common notion that the car should start at petrol and should transfer to CNG just after it. But at least a two or three-kilometer drive on petrol increases the life of the vehicle.

Replacement of spark plug

After 20,000 kilometers drive or after 12 months, whatever comes first, you need to check and replace the spark plug of your CNG vehicle. This is because the spark plug in a CNG vehicle can damaged at higher speeds in comparison with petrol cars. Take care of it very keenly.

Replacement of CNG plate

It is not only a required law, but it is also beneficial to safety. The CNG engine contains numerous components that must service regularly, including the throttle body, reducer cartridge, regulator valves, low-pressure filter, and so on. Also, if the engine is running at high RPMs, don’t dismiss the CNG leak test right away. It is critical to properly settle the tappets. This may lead to a flawless CNG drive.

Chinking of a CNG tank.

The fuel tank is a complicated component and to care for specially. developed with full safety and precautions to store fuel, and it also works to cope up with the vibration during driving. You need to check it at regular intervals for the dent and leaks. You need to leave your car and turn off the engine as soon as you find such a casualty and not drive your car in such conditions as it can catch fire. This is to take care of with utmost precautions and regularity to keep a CNG car in good condition.

Get your CNG car service regularly.

There are many tips to drive a CNG car flawlessly, but without regular service, no tips would work efficiently, and it would be difficult to keep a CNG car in good condition. The same principle applies to CNG cars as it does to gasoline-powered vehicles, which service regularly. Don’t skip the service and have the following components checked and replaced after driving the specified number of kilometers.

  • After every six months, the air filter is to clean and replace.
  • After every 40,0000 kilometers of smooth driving of your CNG car, you need to get the low-pressure filter cartridge replaced.
  • After the half of above distance, you need to get replaced the reduced filter cartridge.
  • You need to get the throttle body cleaned every 10,000 kilometers.

These checks and replacements are good for a flawless CNG drive.

NCG cars are to take care of like loved ones. One of the more tips for driving a CNG car flawlessly. Never park it in the direct sun; instead, try to park your CNG car in the shade as the fuel may evaporate more quickly than petrol or diesel cars.

In a nutshell, it is a well-known fact that due to global warming and environmental issues the CNG vehicles are going to possess the future. The government is promoting such vehicles, and they are cost-effective too. Good for nature and pocket CNG cars are maintained like other cars, and this is the point which is to take into consideration with full solemnity. CNG cars flawlessly the regular services, checks, and replacements accordingly and to drive with proper safety and precautions are some important highlights to followed regularly. Above mentioned tips to drive a CNG car flawlessly and keep a CNG car in good condition is the moral duty of the owner, which should be fulfilled for a flawless CNG drive.



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