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Thailand is one of the most interesting and diverse nations in Asia. Miles of gorgeous coastline is surrounded by lush jungles and untamed mountain ranges, while the cities are brimming with historical and cultural attractions.

Thailand is a country where you could visit repeatedly and always learn something interesting. Never had the pleasure of going there previously? Make 2022 the year you discover the many richness of this South East Asian country.

Travel to Thailand in 2022 and you can rely on us to design the ideal itinerary for you. Among the incredible things available are bustling markets, fantastic Thai culinary classes, and wonderful spas. Whether you love animals, are looking for adventure, or just need some R&R, we are confident that you will fall in love with this magnificent nation!

You might not know where to start in Thailand because there are so many amazing things to do. Pristine beaches, lush parks, or cosmopolitan cities? There are so many possibilities! We’ve identified the best places to go Thailand for each type of holiday to aid in your decision.

The best places to visit in Thailand

Beaches and relaxation are ideal.

You’re in luck if getting off the aircraft and heading directly to the beach is your idea of the ideal holiday. Long stretches of gorgeous beachfront in Thailand allow you to relax on butter-soft sand while residing in a picture-perfect villa.

Island Flees

Phuket and Koh Samui are excellent choices if you’re thinking of taking a lovely island vacation. The former, which is Thailand’s largest island, is a favorite among friends and family looking to get away from the daily grind.

Stay in a five-star hotel that is just steps from the sparkling Andaman Sea, or go on a tranquil spa retreat and hide out in the jungle. Phuket is well connected to a number of lively towns where you may shop till you drop at outdoor markets and indulge in delectable Thai cuisine.

Koh Samui, located on the Gulf of Thailand, is an idyllic choice for more relaxed vacations. It is fortunate to have many secluded coves where you can swim and enjoy the weather. Base yourself at a spa hotel like Melati Beach Resort or Bandara Resort and Spa for the utmost in comfort.

Have trouble choosing between these two serene places? On this tour of Tropical Island Paradise, learn about the finest of both. It offers a variety of thrilling activities and serves as a fantastic introduction to Thailand’s most alluring seaside locations.

Beautiful Coasts

Krabi, which is located on the country’s south coast, is adjacent to charming villages with easy access to remarkable marine parks. It’s a great place for visitors who are more daring. Include a variety of enjoyable things in your schedule, from rock climbing excursions up rocky limestone cliffs to aquatic sports.

With its lovely animal reserves and soft sand beaches, Khao Lak offers the best of all worlds. The seaside community is located next to the Khao Lak-Lam Ru National Park, where you can climb hidden waterfalls or even paddle down rumbling rapids, and is only north of Phuket. Stay in idyllic beach resorts like Merlin Khao Lak or the effortlessly romantic Sarojin to be close to the park.

Ideal for: Unique Travel

The busier beach resorts and attractive but congested cities of Thailand should probably be avoided by anyone seeking complete privacy. Fortunately, you may visit a great variety of undiscovered jewels with the help of our itineraries, like Thailand Off the Beaten Path.

Historical Landmarks

In Kui Buri, combine culture with thrilling animal encounters. As one of the best spots in Thailand to see wild elephants, this place is sure to please elephant fans! Additionally, it is the location of the Kui Buri National Park, where guided safaris allow you to interact directly with a variety of species. A half-day trip to a neighboring village is another option. Discover the past, present, and daily activities of those who reside adjacent to the national park.

Obscured Histories

There is no shortage of outstanding beach resorts in Thailand. That includes the serene village of Hua Hin, which is tucked away on the Malay Peninsula. This town should be on your radar for a number of reasons, not the least of which is its five-mile stretch of golden sand beach.

Since the 1920s, the Thai Royal family has made Hua Hin their preferred vacation destination. Hua Hin is one of the country’s oldest beach cities. It still maintains a lot of its old-fashioned charm, and there are even some beautiful heritage sites to explore such as the opulent Klai Kangwon Palace. In addition, Hua Hin is renowned for its superb selection of seafood restaurants, well-maintained golf courses, and lovely park areas.

The magnificent Devasom Beach Resort is without a doubt one of our top picks for accommodations in Hua Hin. The hotel’s ocean-view restaurant serves delectable Thai cuisine in addition to having a superb beachfront position and design with Siamese influences.

Peaceful Temples

Making travel plans to Chiang Mai? Why not spend a day of your holiday traveling to nearby Lampang to get away from the rush and bustle of the city? This calm town is ideal if you want to slow down because it looks as though time has stopped there.

Without visiting Lampang’s magnificent mountain top temple, you cannot leave. Wat Chalermprakiat, one of Thailand’s most impressive Buddhist temples, is perched just above the town. Given that the majority of its buildings were only built in the early 2000s, it is also among its newest.

After exploring the beautiful sky-high pagodas at Wat Chalermprakiat, return to the city to eat at a Lampang noodle shop. The cuisine khao soi, which includes crunchy noodles, meat, or veggies cooked in a delicious curry broth, is a delicacy in this region of Northern Thailand.

Best for Culture and food

Your taste buds are in for a wonderful treat in Thailand, where dishes bursting with flavorful spices and creamy coconut curry will tempt your palate. Every region of the nation boasts its own distinctive cuisines, and the food is known across the world.

Both Bangkok and Chiang Mai are excellent cities to try Thai cuisine.

Consider taking a Thai cooking class as another option. Our Jewels of Thailand itinerary is one of our most well-liked trips because it combines sightseeing with mouthwatering culinary experiences that will fill you up and make you fall in love with Thai food.

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