Tips to protect your gadgets in monsoon 2022

protect gadgets in monsoon

As we all love monsoons and enjoy the rainy weather while sitting at home chilling with our favorite snacks and binging on Netflix, it is a season that is not very good for our smartphones, laptops, and other gadgets. Monsoons are the time of year when everyone feels fresh, and the weather is highly soothing after the extreme heat of May and June, but unfortunately, you can’t just sit home and relax; everyone has to go to work, the children have to go to the school, adults to the office and everyone else has to do their job. For this sole reason, some people don’t like monsoons at all.

One of the most annoying things during monsoons is the damage it causes to your gadgets and smartphones. The rain is so unpredictable that you never know when it starts to rain, and as we all know, water is not so friendly for your electronic gadgets. Water can cause severe damage to your devices and ruin them completely. It is very likely that you are out and suddenly it starts raining, and you don’t have anything to protect your phone and laptop. Once it is wet, it is damaged entirely, and you cannot fix it. It becomes challenging for people to protect gadgets in monsoon season. But don’t worry, in this article, we will share some tips to protect smartphones in the monsoon. All you need to do is follow these little tips and you can easily protect gadgets in monsoon season.

Given below is a list of tips to protect smartphones in monsoon and protect gadgets in monsoon season

Tips and hacks to protect gadgets in monsoon season

1. Use waterproof zip-lock pouches

Smartphones are the most used devices and are quite prone to damage due to rain. Users need to be careful even if their smartphones are rated waterproof or splash resistant, as no company covers water damage under warranty. It is therefore advisable to invest in a waterproof cover, not like phone covers, but rather like a plastic bag. These clear plastic bags can be used to protect gadgets in monsoon. These water-resistant plastic pouches, known as zip lock bags, are also available for tablets, laptops, and pads and can be used to keep other stuff you want to protect from water or rain.

2. Always have silica gel packs

Make sure you carry your laptop in a waterproof bag to avoid direct exposure to rain. Put silica gel packets in your laptop bag as silica gel is excellent at absorbing moisture and keeping your laptop bag moisture free. Replace the silica gel bags with new ones if they change color completely. This way, you can protect gadgets in the monsoon season.

3. Use waterproof headphones or earphones

Most Bluetooth headsets offer water resistance, and you can use them outdoors for phone calls. However, once you get home, make sure you give your headphones a proper wipe-down. Using these earphones will save your phones from being out in the rain, and you can easily protect gadgets in the monsoon. These earphones offer much utility; you can talk on a call hands-free and work
simultaneously while on the call. They are easy to carry and portable. You can put them in your bag and also travel with them anywhere. They are the lifesaver in monsoon season.

4. Avoid charging electronic devices near leaky walls and ceilings

Monsoon season can cause leaks in walls and ceilings. Make sure you keep electronics out of such places. You can see many cases where people were caught in a hazardous situation while charging their phones or other electronic devices with faulty or leaky wiring. Monsoons are the season when a lot of short circuits happen. You must take proper precautions in your home and get all the wiring and switchboards checked after the season to avoid harm to your house or your health. In this way, you can protect gadgets in monsoons.

5. Keep your devices unplugged

There are high chances of leakages in your house during the time of monsoon. It is highly advised to keep your electronic appliances unplugged whenever you are not using them. Since rains will also inevitably lead to power outages, make sure you keep your devices unplugged when not in use. This will prevent accidental high-voltage damage to your device. This is very important to protect gadgets in monsoon.

6. The rice hack

It may sound a bit weird how rice can help you protect gadgets in monsoon season, but it’s true, rice is a life safer. If rainwater accidentally seeps into your phone, let the rice save you. Rice can help absorb moisture or remove particles stuck in the phone. Place your rain-soaked gadget in dust-free sifted rice and close it. The longer you leave the device there, the drier it will be. You will need about a day for the phone to dry completely, so you should consider keeping a spare phone.

 7. Water-resistant watch covers

Most smartwatches are already water and dust-resistant. However, it is still better to take precautions on our part. Various smartwatch accessories available in the market include waterproof wristbands or wristband covers. You can use it to protect your smartwatch from water damage during monsoons. These are generally silicone and lightweight, comfortable, and durable. You can even choose multiple colors and wear a different one every day. Waterproof bracelets are available at reasonable prices.

Final Word

Your gadgets can be fixed or bought, but remember that your life is precious. Could you not skimp on it when saving widgets? The report says that around 1000 people die due to electric shock in India every year during monsoon.
So above, we have discussed some hacks to protect your device from monsoon 2022. As we know, gadgets are more expensive these days, so investing in something that can save them is better. If you like these tips to protect smartphones in monsoon, you can share these with your friends and colleagues and make them aware of such products and keep them from spending a lot after their gadgets get damaged. So protect gadgets in monsoon season with the help of these hacks.

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