UP Assembly Elections 2022: Where the Major and Minor Parties Stand as Of Today

UP Assembly Elections 2022

The most diverse Assembly Election of country

The UP 2022 Legislative Assembly Elections are scheduled to be held from 10th February 2022 to 7th March 2022 in total 7 phases to elect 403 members of the UP Legislative Assembly. As the UP assembly elections, 2022 are coming near, all the major and minor political parties have started preparing to contest the assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh.
The state constitutes a huge population that is very diverse in caste, religion, and culture. Different people from different backgrounds and ideologies stand with the parties who work in their favor. The majority of people in the state belongs from rural areas and practice agriculture as their main occupation. In the 2017 assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh, BJP (Bhartiya Janta Party) won an overwhelming three-quarter majority of 312 seats while Samajwadi Party (SP) 47 seats and the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP)  19 seats.

The role of BJP so far

Undoubtedly BJP has worked towards excellence and fulfilled its promises and claims in the past years, proving its worth for such an overwhelming response while expecting the same in UP assembly elections 2022. meanwhile, the other parties are also preparing themselves to be back with a more powerful and convincing pitch giving tough competition to BJP.

On Wednesday 19th Jan 2022, the BJP chief JP Nadda announced that his UP 2022 party will contest for all 403 seats in UP assembly elections 2022 and its allies Apna Dal and Nishad Party. A BJP CEC meeting was held in New Delhi between Amit Shah, Anurag Thakur, UP CM Yogi Adityanth, Nadda, and other leaders. 

The new changes along with challenges

Talking about other 2022 party updates, Aparna Yadav, who is the daughter-in-law of former Chief Minister of UP Mr. Mulayam Singh Yadav, also joined BJP, for which Akhilesh Yadav, the Chief of Samajwadi party, also congratulated her, expressing his contentment for the diversification of the Samajwadi party’s ideologies.

There is also news that Mamta Banerjee, the Chief Minister of West Bengal, will campaign for the Samajwadi Party for the UP assembly elections in 2022. Meanwhile, the hustle of elections and campaigning, the most important matter of concern of the covid situation in India, is being neglected. Samajwadi Party has been constantly accused of covid norms violations. The Samajwadi Party also had an issue for violating Covid-19 norms at its office premises in Lucknow. The party gathered many people at its Lucknow premises in the name of the virtual rally party campaign and violated the health guidelines. Days after that, looking at the ignorant behavior of the party, the EC (Election Commission) again pointed out. They warned the Samajwadi party to be careful in the future. It’s not violate any health guidelines for UP assembly elections 2022. While on the other hand, BJP, the most concerned party regarding the covid norms, canceled its campaign rallies for assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh and came into the spotlight of the public’s interest.

Challenge incumbent BJP will face in UP Assembly elections 2022

Challenge incumbent BJP will face in UP Assembly elections 2022
Let’s look at the recent assembly elections of Assam, West Bengal, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu. We can observe how the experience of pandemics has changed and highlighted the public’s opinion. Those who directly received any benefit from the government schemes and programs have voted for the incumbent party.
The chief minister of Uttar Pradesh, Yogi Adityanath, is known for his decisiveness and ability to take effective measures for any problem or arising issues. The general public appreciates this quality. It helps them mold their opinion regarding the choice of their Chief Minister. It will also help BJP in the upcoming assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh.

The new plans and strategies of AAP and Congress

The AAP (aam aadmi party) is raising the Brahmin card. AAP with the arrest of Khushi Dubey, wife of slain gangster Amar Dubey, after the Bikru incident. Congress, on the other hand, is trying to gather minority votes for the assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh. The party leaders are also told to be in touch with the leaders of other backward groups like Dalits.
BSP (another 2022 party) has also started its preparation. The supremo Mayavati had recently conducted a meeting with the leaders of different communities and told the high functionaries present that they should trust the cadre and not the “selfish” leaders who can be bought and sold. She also instructed the leaders to constantly help and reach out to the poor and backward sections of society. those people majorly impacted and suffering from the pandemic. Will nurture the party’s roots and help them with the upcoming UP Assembly elections 2022.

From Hyderabad to Lucknow

Asaduddin Owaisi’s AIMIM has also set its sights on the assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh. AIMIM may wean Muslims away from the other parties. The party is reportedly likely to field candidates for 100 seats. AIMIM  joined hands with former minister Om Prakash Rajbhar-led Bhagidari Sankalp Morcha (BSM). It’s a coalition of smaller center-left political parties.

 People & voters 

One major issue which can also be a turning point in the UP assembly elections 2022 is the farmer’s protest. The implementation of the new Farm laws created a lot of chaos in the whole country. The northern part of the country where the farmers are asking the government to withdraw the new farm laws, which the government is recently considering, but the impact of it has been serious and left the power party BJP in turmoil, this has turned a lot of voters against the party which can prove to be a disadvantage in the UP assembly elections 2022
All the parties have different agendas and politics to win these elections. Still, one thing expected from all the parties, irrespective of who comes into power, is not to neglect public welfare. The Election Commission is seen to work immensely hard towards the public welfare, looking after the parties. They are abiding by the health guidelines or not and following the described procedure for the campaigning.

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