Weight Loss Tips: Three-Point Health Recovery System

Weight Loss Tips

When does weight loss occur?          

Weight loss is a reduction in body weight due to chosen exercise and diet or illness situations. Mostly, weight loss occurs when the body loses fat, and in some cases, it can be due to the depletion of protein and other stuff. Inexplicable weight loss is an obvious fall in body weight, and it might happen even when the individual is not attempting for weight loss. Inexplicable weight loss might be an indication of major sicknesses like diabetes or cancer. Treatment includes recognizing the symptom of the Weight Loss Tips. In this blog, I will portray Weight Loss Tips by Three-Point Health Recovery System, which you must follow.

Journey of my weight loss

Let’s begin the journey of my weight journey, which made me hopeless and pessimistic for near about 3 years. The more I put the effort into managing weight-reduction charts and meals, and the more my life was transforming in every meal. Morning time was monotonous as I checked my weight on the weighing scale and hated it. On top of it, COVID-19 invaded our lives. The limitations stopped me from stepping out of the house.

I used to feel no meaning in life and consumed at least one candy. Sugar of any kind was the healing problem for my body. My glutes were aching, and my sides were differed, causing the problem. Every morning I assured myself that the day would go good and till 10 am, I went into dark mode. I felt embarrassed about my body type, lack of willpower, and taking meals was getting difficult. I disliked meals, and it was the sole factor which I loved. Many people are worried about their weight like me, and somehow they can relate to the story. 

Life is not meant to end at this stage. Also, I am the same girl who lost 40 kg weight through Atkins/Keto weight-reduction plan. I maintained my carbohydrates level to decrease my hair fall and muscular tissues. It took me about 5 years to gain hair with its normal depth. After a comprehensive battle, I wake up with one positive thought, “Today is a new day, and I will achieve more than yesterday.”

Thus, it was the initiation of having control over-consumption of food and working on behavior formulation.

My Weight Loss Techniques; ‘Three-point Health Recovery system.’

I made a resolution to update my life through this three-point health recovery system. Let’s understand this system in detail and I share with you weight loss tips.

  • Eat 18-6 IF

  • 6 Days Exercise 

  • Avoid weight-reduction plan and Scale

It’s quite simple to understand. Let’s get to know about these weight loss tips:

1. Eat 18-6 IF

I do alternate fasting for 18 hrs and a 6-hour eating schedule every day. 

What do I consume? All types of foods. I am not putting limitations on sweets because I usually take them after mealtime.

I do not put sugar or sweetener in tea as I don’t like it. My schedule begins at noon and gets finished at 6 pm. Sometimes, I consume the food before noon, and the ending time changes as per the schedule. Also, I do not succeed always, and during the nighttime, I drink a glass of buttermilk with some almonds.

2.6 Days Exercise 

In May month, I purchased a treadmill to walk with the comfort of the home itself as I didn’t wish to go out. From 15th May, I am walking on the treadmill for about 30 minutes per day. I increase and decrease the inclination and speed levels as per my need and mood.

started with burning about 100 calories in 21 minutes and have reduced 300 calories in 27 minutes. I don’t put any type of pressure on my body and mind as I won’t be able to enjoy the process. hear some Bollywood music, and it makes me cheerful.

3. Avoid weight-reduction plan and Scale

This is the technique that transformed my perception of weight loss. I am aware of the fact that I am fat by some kilos and not always keen to examine my weight like before. The numbers depressed me, and the Scale disappointed me always.

I am not focused on any specific diet and have forgotten the fact that I possess two weighing scales at my home. I do not count calories and consume solids after 6 pm. confirm my weight on the Scale and do exercise 6 days a week. don’t use the treadmill, but I do go walking and enhance my speed gradually.

Yoga for weight loss is highly recommended.

You must carry out a more dynamic, good practice for 3-5 times every week for about 1 hour. On rest days of the week, poise your schedule with a serene class and Cycling for weight loss also helps in various ways. You should do cycling for about 5 hours, 300 minutes, every week. simply attain with 1 hour of work out every day, 5 days every week. You can enhance your calorie burn by cycling for a long time or enhancing the intensity of daily exercises.

A Diet plan can contain intake of proper protein as proteins help in maintaining blood sugar levels.

It makes you feel full after consumption and Also, fiber and healthy fats aids in you feeling contented after a meal. You can also carry out workouts according to your preference and also lift weights. There are many advantages of lifting weights.

I am aware of the fact that if I follow this Three-point health recovery system, I do not have to search for weight loss tips. You should try this regime once, and you will surely thank me later. Don’t lose hope and take care of your health and Also, don’t get hard on yourself and just work out and eat as per your choice with care.

I hope these weight loss tips are helpful for you.



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