Why did Virat Kohli leave the RCB Captaincy?

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Virat Kohli leaves the RCB Captaincy

After establishing a milestone in the world, Virat Kohli has opted to retire from the ICC men’s T-20 world cup in 2021 in November, as well as the test match in 2022 in January. Virat has decided to step down as captain after the Indian Premier League 2021. In 2013 he got the RCB captaincy to succeed the team, and from 2017, he was in all three formats of cricket. Virat Kohli later stated that he wanted to balance his workload in international cricket with the Indian Premier League (IPL) this year, which is why he opted to step down as captain of the shorter forms. As a batsman, you must ensure that you are contributing to your team in the most effective way possible. I didn’t want to sacrifice my enjoyment of the game. Virat leaves the RCB Captaincy.

In the Indian Premier League 2022, Virat Kohli is an eminent cricketer and one of the top contemporary players around the globe. After Sachin Tendulkar and Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Virat Kohli is the only Indian cricketer who has strengthened the squad and given it a distinct character around the world. He’s been dubbed “India’s Backbone” in cricket since he’s the country’s most promising and brilliant cricketer, as well as a style icon.

He was the captain of Royal Challengers Bangalore and also represented Delhi in domestic cricket. In today’s world, Virat Kohli is more revered than Sanchin Tendulkar. Sachin Tendulkar once remarked that Virat Kohli is the only cricketer in the Indian team who is capable of breaking my records, and Virat has proved that. Sachin Tendulkar has 49 hundred (ODI) in almost 400 innings, while Virat Kohli has 43 centuries in only 254 innings.

Early life

Virat Kohli was born in New Delhi, India, on the 5th of November 1988, in a Punjabi Hindu family. Prem Kohli was his father’s name, and Saroj Kohli was his mother’s. His father used to work as a criminal lawyer, while his mother was a stay-at-home mom. When he was 18 years old, Kohli’s father died after suffering a heart attack; he was playing Ranji Trophy for Delhi against Karnataka. Bhavna and Vikas are Virat’s older siblings. Kohli had his training at the West Delhi Cricket Academy, where Rajkumar Sharma was his coach. At Vasundhara Enclave, Virat also used to play for Sumit Dogra Academy.

Career life

Kholi began his career as a member of the Delhi Under 15 team in the Polly Umrigar Trophy in 2002. Later he became the captain of the team in 2003-04. He was also part of the merchant trophy, where he was the highest scorer by making 757 runs from seven matches with two centuries. In 2008 he got an opportunity to debut for the first-class against Tamil Nadu. Kohli’s father died when he was 18 years old after suffering a heart attack; he was playing Ranji Trophy for Delhi against Karnataka. Virat returned the next day to support his teammates and scored 90 runs for the team Delhi. After his father’s death, Virat returned the next day to aid his colleagues, scoring 90 runs for the Delhi team, which catapulted him into the spotlight.

After becoming a part of the first-class team in 2006, he played 124 matches, and in 2008 Virat became a part of the international cricket team. From 2008 till today, he played 252 ODI matches, 92 international test matches, 90 t- 20, and 199 IPL matches for Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB). According to the latest records, Virat Kohli holds the record for managing 50+ runs in all three formats. As a result, the audience has a moniker, him a “run machine.” By playing all of the IPL seasons, he has set a world record. Not a single player has ever played all of the IPL seasons. Kohli has a long list of accomplishments. Bowlers have to make lots of efforts to knock him out in the match. In ODI cricket, he holds the global record for the fastest batsman, reaching 8000, 9000, 10000, 11000, and 12000 runs.

Fitness of Virat Kohli

Virat maintains a healthy lifestyle and makes working out a top priority in his life in order to stay active in the field. As a result of his disciplined lifestyle, he has become India’s best and fittest cricketer. He keeps up with the latest diets, nutrition, and fitness trends. Kohli works out for at least two hours five days a week to maintain his physique. He eats a lot of home-cooked vegetarian meals, as well as eggs, coffee, and spinach, to stay active and strong.

Virat Kohli has left an unforgettable impression on everyone, demonstrating his cricketing brilliance. If you’re a cricket fan, you can’t miss Virat’s heart-pounding matches; everyone enjoys watching them. Every Indian parent aspires to raise their child to be the next Virat Kohli. Kohli has become a huge star, and everyone looks up to him in today’s world. He is one of the most well-known celebrities, promoting more than 40 companies. For the fourth year in a straight, he has been crowned the most valuable celebrity, with a brand worth of USD 237.7 million last year.

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