Why Health Insurance Is Important For The Youth

Health Insurance

In everyone’s life, there is a point when we wish to stand unswerving fiscal stability. From childhood, we are taught that savings are sufficient to maintain financial stability. But in today’s world, if you approach it realistically, you’ll realize that general insurance is crucial to protecting your possessions and saving money. They are equally essential to achieving financial freedom. 

However, some people think they can save enough money to replace their valuables in an accident. Thus they do not need general insurance plans. But imagine yourself where you must spend everything you have ever saved to pay for medical expenses or a car you need.  

Why is it vital to understand health insurance’s benefits, and why should we get it?

Health insurance can be viewed as charitable giving because the premiums paid are used partly to pay the medical bills of other covered people, assisting them indirectly in their time of need, offering tax advantages, and aiding in financial planning.

“With over 50% of India’s population under 25 and over 66% under 35, health insurance has become a crucial component of financial planning, especially for the younger generation. Young people are developing lifestyle diseases due to a fast-paced lifestyle that includes unbalanced food and unpredictable sleep patterns. Additionally, busy schedules brought on by extended work are impacting not just their physical health but also their emotional wellbeing. 

Nobody intends to get sick or harmed, but anyone might develop a severe illness at any time. The expense of medical care is steadily increasing today. The money you build over time may be severely strained by the cost of the illness’s treatment. This implies that you might have to choose between giving your child the most outstanding possible education and not making your mortgage payments on time. 

For instance, a 440 mg vial of the cancer drug Herceptin costs about 1,10,000 dollars. A patient typically needs 17-19 bottles for treatment over a year, depending on weight. That amounts to 18 to 20 lakh simply for the medication. Your total spending may reach 25 once you factor in hospitalisation bills, medical consultation fees, chemotherapy costs, etc. These costs, which are already quite substantial, rise yearly. Intelligent people, for the most part, have taken the required safety measures to ensure their health as soon as feasible. Health insurance is an advantage you might need money for in an emergency. Your whole funds for your children’s education, marriage, home purchase, or even retirement can be wiped out by one illness. You wouldn’t want your family’s hopes dashed due to a simple ailment, especially if you had the financial means to do so. Getting a health insurance policy is advantageous when you are young and healthy. In addition to your premium going up as you age, you also risk not getting insurance. 

How do I pick a reputable health insurance policy?

Anyone with health insurance will tell you that getting one is among the wisest financial moves a person with income can make. Now that you’ve decided to purchase health insurance, you need to understand how to pick a solid health insurance strategy that will meet all your needs. The following are advantages that you should receive from any qualified health insurance plan

  • Protection from a variety of serious illnesses. 
  • Flexibility in selecting your health insurance. 
  • Even if your health condition changes throughout the policy term, there won’t be a premium increase.  
  • Extensive hospital network for simple access to medical care. 
  • Long policy term that covers you in old age


Lists the following advantages of buying insurance at a young age:

Low Premium When You’re Young

It is advised that saving, investing, and planning begin as soon as feasible. The same is valid with health insurance. The sooner one purchases health insurance, the lower the premium will be because there is a decreased likelihood of developing medical complications at a young age. Some goods offer discounts for youth that can be pretty beneficial in the medium to long run. 

Waiting Time: 

It is when some pre-existing diseases, surgeries, and specialty therapies cannot be claimed to have benefits. A person won’t be hampered by such waiting periods if they purchase health insurance at a young age.

A Safety Net For Your Health And Life: 

Health insurance shields the insured from the financial uncertainties brought on by medical emergencies, just like any other commodity that needs protection to survive external damages. Young people may not experience many health emergencies, but it’s always a good idea to be for anything. The pandemic has also shown that any health emergencies can be unavoidable while putting a considerable strain on one’s finances. 

The Length Of Your Health Coverage: 

One must always meet an age requirement when purchasing a health insurance plan. Compared to people who buy health insurance between the age of 40 and 50, individuals who purchase it at a young age are protected for a more extended period. Additionally, if the insured is elderly or has poor health, the insurers may reject the application or add an extra premium that must be paid. 

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