Best 8 methods to view private Instagram accounts instantaneously

view private Instagram accounts

About Instagram profile and how to view private Instagram profiles

People generally shift their Instagram profiles from public to private accounts. Why is it important to change from a public account into a personal profile? Users can change their public profile to a private profile by going to the settings option to choose the Security and Privacy option. Then, the Public account should be changed to a personal account. Every Instagram account is public by default. Tap to the Privacy account button and snap the Privacy Slide button to change your public account to a private account on Instagram.

How to modify accounts on Instagram?

There are few Instagram private visualizing application choices. If somebody is willing to search out someone who is not in contact with her/him, then these Instagram profile stalker applications will help. You can simply download and install apps like Instagram++, Feedsta, IGMods, Instagram ReVAMPED, LikeCreeper on your phone. These are the ways on how to look at a private Instagram account. You should have a proper username for the Instagram account. All resources are not so steadfast and authoritative, and you should conduct obligatory exploration and online surveys. This simple method of how to see someone’s private Instagram can let you download and install Instagram’s best 10 private profiles with no human confirmation. These apps work efficiently on your mobile phones.

How to see a private Instagram account?

There are many ways on how to see a private Instagram account. Here are the best 8 methods on how to see someone’s private Instagram account:

1. Send a Follow Request to the person

The initial and old method to see a private account on Instagram is to follow her/him. You should let the holder of the account accept your request and then have a look at their profile. The holder might be online at the time you send the request and accepts your request. Thus, at that instant, only you will be able to surf the person’s private profile. This approach works only in some cases. 

2. Call on Google for assistance

 You may be waiting for some time to get your request accepted. You must visit your Safari or Google Chrome and put the username of the person in the search tab. Usually, Google holds a record of the previous posts of private profiles account holders. The outcome will be visible in All, Images, News, and Videos after search results get loaded. Then, click on the image tab. Public posts and profile pictures will be displayed. This method is feasible for someone who is looking for someone’s image to post it on birthdays.

3. Look for Other Platforms 

If you are not able to surf your IG profile, then head over to Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, and Facebook accounts. You can get to know the full name of the person from Instagram bio. You will be able to get images and information of the individual by surfing various other social media platforms.

4. Have a look Through a Friend 

You may have a pal who is following that person or a mutual pal of your friend. Then, tell them to search for that account and save the posts and share them with you.

How will you get to know if you have such friends who already follow her/him? You can search the name of the required person in your pal’s following list. This is the quickest and safe Instagram method to view private accounts instantaneously.

5. Use is a third-party app that helps in viewing private Instagram profiles. The below guide explains explicitly:

For iPhone Users:

  • Open “General” and click on the “Settings” menu.
  • Then, choose ‘Refresh background app’ and turn it on.
  • Then, switch to low power and go to the battery tab.
  • After that, visit the app store and select the download to on automatically.
  • Go to visit com.
  • Then, select view private Instagram account from the options shown.
  • You will be able to witness a Target Instagram User Name box after loading the page. Type the required username account in the box.
  • Click connect and wait for the answer of the system.
  • You might obtain a request message for the confirmation of the account.
  • This enables you to verify your username and visit and tap confirm.
  • After confirmation, there might be a progress bar and wait for some time. The extent of the progress bar relies on the number of posts on the profile.
  • Lastly, you will obtain a notification: Successfully unlocked private profile for ABC.
  • Go Back to Instagram and search for your username.
  • You will be able to view everything on the profile.

6. For PC and Android users:

The procedure is simple for androids. There are no modifications needed on the phone. 

Make use of

  • This site is for Android and iPhone users. The bit-by-bit guidance is given below.
  • Visit Instagram and search the private account required username.
  • Then, scroll below to and explore Private Instagram Viewer.
  • Type the username and tap on it.
  • Hit it off Private Account View.
  • You will have a look at the following people and followers on the account. This will happen after the system responds. You can check it with the original account profile to make sure that it is the proper one.
  • Then, tap on the button Confirms username.
  • The system will inquire you what you require:
  • Want to have a look at the images? You will be able to see images in this manner.
  • View followers? You might see followers through this approach.


  • Profile Unlock? You might be able to distinguish the entire profile.
  • After you click the “Unlock Profile,” the system needs a CAPTCHA implementation.
  • Go back to Instagram and renew the profile page. It would now be a Public profile. Thus, you can view everything.
  • Make use of the additional Instagram.

Users who use iPhone:

  • Turn off the autorotation.
  • Click on the setting, then tap on General and then toggle to Hintergrund App Refresh.
  • After that, tap on and open the browser.
  • Scroll down the webpage to the search bar(it is beside the “All Apps” symbol and put it on Instagram.
  • An app known as Instagram++ might be shown on Instagram.
  • Click on that to download and insert the app extension in your Instagram app.
  • Then, a new window will be opened where some basic commands need to be finished.
  • After completion of this task, wait some seconds for activation of the commands.
  • Search for a private account. Now, you might have made all private accounts public and can easily surf these private accounts.
  • This is one of the good ways for how to view private Instagram profiles for iPhone users.

Users who use Android phones:

Auto-rotation is the setting that needs to be changed in Androids. After auto-rotation has been efficiently off, you can get access and utilize the processes shown on the website.

  • All private profiles can be liberally viewed.
  • Make use of the unlocked private app
  • Thus, these were all web alternatives. Let’s go through how to unlock Instagram’s private accounts mobile viewer app.

7. How to download the UnlockPrivate app on iPhone?

  • Click Settings and General. After that, turn in Background App Refresh.
  • After that, tap on the battery and ensure the disability of the low power mode.
  • Visit and switch to the browser.
  • Go through Private Instagram Viewer.
  • The app would be on and check it now on the phone.

8. How to download the UnlockPrivate app on Android?

  • Unlock “Configuration.”
  • Turn off power-saving mode.
  • Then, go to the show tab and turn off auto-rotation.
  • Visit and download the app as shown.
  • Utilize the UnlockPrivate app to view private Instagram accounts
  • Then, return to Instagram and search your private account.
  • Switch to the page and minimize your browser and open the UnlocckPrivate app.
  • Put in the private account’s username.
  • Tap on Profile view
  • The load will take some time, and after that, go back to your Instagram app and update your private account profile.
  • Thus, you are now able to view the profile info. 


I anticipate that all the above best 8 methods to view Instagram profiles instantaneously are clear. You can choose any method as per your preference and requirements on how to view private Instagram profiles. Thus, no profile is hidden now, and you can view any profile easily. Try to search on other social media platforms and get access to private profiles now

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